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  1. 1. God control 2. Faz gostoso 3. Crave 4. Crazy 5. Extreme occident
  2. This girl keeps on surprise me and exceed my imagination, each time. You are brilliant, Madonna.
  3. Actually Madame X seems to be the best reviewed album EVER by user score!
  4. Madonna gives good face, the video is very sweet and I love the song
  5. It's not the "usual" Madonna song, nor my genre of music but it grows with the listenings. The summer hit potential is there! You'll love it!
  6. "She's outrageous, she's provocative, she's inscrutable. And over the years, we've all been witnessed to her evolution, from street smart kid sister to virgin bride, from sex goddess to a yogi. Her mind is as celebrated as her body, she's as feared as she's desired, she leads while others follow... A woman who is all woman, and all women." - Sting. Best definition of Madonna ever.
  7. Just thinking of a tribute to her videography gives me goosebumps. Let's multiply these goosebumps X 200 millions! The iconicness.
  8. 1) YES, YES and YES 2) Better be Hung up + new single (if a disco one) or LIB + new single (if a latin one). I can accept Vogue but I prefer not Music or LAP 3) I hope for a full 15 minutes Superbowl-like performance with big production 4) I hope for no Maluma/Anitta 5) YES YES and YEEEESSSS
  9. I have no idea on how it works with the tarots reading. Anyway there are 78 cards of which 22 are the major arcana (the most significant ones, that is the wheel of fortune, the lovers, the magician, the charriot...). Speaking of the charriot, I think there is a reference to it in her Superbowl Halftime (see the sphinxes on the sides of the throne). Let's add the Versace photoshoot and the Re-invention Hollywood backdrop already cited, it's evident that M is fascinated by the tarots. And I am too. It's not about believing in cartomancy (I don't, of course), it's about the symbolism and the iconography and that esoteric and mystical touch. Very cool.
  10. If we follow this tarots hypothesis then the sixth card of the major arcana (the lovers) could refer to the Maluma featuring...
  11. I choose commercial success. I don't want to be superficial but I'd love to experience another madonna-mania like COADF was. But if the album contains the new Frozen and she delivers a video as mesmerizing as the Frozen one, then fuck the commercial success.
  12. Imagine if that famous actor was Sean Penn... the world would go crazy!
  13. I know someone will disagree but she should consider Eurovision. I mean... a 200 millions' audience, the biggest music show on the planet. That would be a massive promo, even more considering that the european market is far more friendly to her than the american one. The show itself may be a bit cheap but Justin Timberlake proved that there's proper space for a big international act. And his single greatly benefited from it.
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