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  1. @Jazzy Jan I know you love her too :
  2. These people are the reason why I firmly oppose the left embracing SJW’s. They are wastes of oxygen who aren’t oppressed and simply love to stir shit up because they wrestle with self-loathing. Nothing but easy bait to the alt right and a big part of the reason why so many Conservative politicians are thriving. No sane human being spends entire days online making ridiculous complaints about things that don’t affect our society AT ALL. It’s why so many braindead idiots with the IQ of an avocado easily get away with virtue signaling. Scarlett Johansson wanting to play a trans man isn’t “transphobic”. Disliking the shitty Ghostbusters remake isn’t “sexist”. The Queen of Pop using a clever idiom to describe a meme of Beyoncé and her unattractive wife looking at REAL art in The Louvre isn’t “racist”. In fact, NONE of this is an issue to begin with. Get a job, attend college, travel the world. Be productive. Don’t be a stain in society. DO SOMETHING. Don’t be a Gaga. Be a Madonna.
  3. I blame Rachel Dolezal. She made it possible for these attention seeking lunatics to gain a platform.
  4. Marco

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Every Republicunt victory occurred in states that were already ruled by those desensitized shitheads. On the other hand, Democrats not only picked up 7 new governor seats but also managed to keep what was theirs to begin with. The left dominated in governor races, which is positively surprising. Go Blue! 💙
  5. Marco

    ABBA thread

    It's not my favorite album of theirs but from an objective perspective it’s their boldest effort. The song subjects are much darker compared to their previous work but nonetheless timeless (in true ABBA fashion).
  6. The same cycle repeats itself whenever a mass shooting occurs. Everyone sends out thoughts and prayers, people proceed to debate one another on social media platforms, and then quickly forget about what happened until the next tragedy strikes. Meanwhile, Congress does nothing and crickets chirp. It's a whirlwind of stupidity.
  7. Trump supporters tend to defend his election by continuously rehashing the argument that most Americans craved for a candidate who wasn't part of the political system. That mentality never resonated with me. For example, I'd never call a plumber who isn't part of the plumbing system because I don't want to drain in literal shit. Now America is dealing with the consequences of their own ignorance. It doesn't help that the Millennial vote is a liability as I happen to know many people around my age who don't even bother to vote and greatly prefer to log in their social media accounts and update themselves with the latest news on surgically enhanced socialites.
  8. This steaming pile of horse shit comes to mind:
  9. The Counselor to the President of the United States is implying that people who work in the entertainment industry are to blame for acts of mass murder. Let that sink in.
  10. Marco

    ABBA thread

    Dancing Queen is without a shadow of doubt a classic but it’s highly overrated. Same with Mamma Mia. They’re both great songs but far from their best efforts.
  11. Marco

    ABBA thread

    How could it not? It gave us When All Is Said and Done, which is one of the most unique songs about heartbreak ever made. It details the sorrow and pain Frida endured, not only for herself, but for all of those who had been through a separation, yet it has such an uplifting nature. She looks back on her marriage with gratitude.
  12. That's an incredibly terrifying situation. I genuinely hope nothing bad happens to you or any of your co-workers. The tremendous lack of empathy showcased by the authorities is sadly predictable. Not too long ago Trump himself suggested that in order to prevent school shootings from happening that teachers need to be weaponized. On top of that, Republicans constantly claim that restricting gun ownership doesn't reduce gun violence. If that were the case, then why do countries like Canada and the UK have significantly less gun-related crimes compared to the US? It's not by chance that guns are often the weapon of choice for mass murder. Gun ownership should be the exact same as obtaining a driver's license. Before you can legally obtain or operate one, you need to be taught, evaluated for medical capability and tested for safety purposes.
  13. Marco

    ABBA thread

    Australia still churns out captivating talent. Just look at how big Margot Robbie has gotten. Cate Blanchett's career is still going strong and Nicole Kidman has gone through a revival recently. Rose Byrne and Toni Collette have also had plenty of great roles although they're sadly not nearly as mainstream as they deserve to be.
  14. Can they ban Trump too? 💩
  15. Marco

    Loca Please World Tour 2019 discussion

    Champagne Rosé will become the new Candy Shop.