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  1. I literally love to watch reactions that show a casual fan fawning over a great song. I e never seen a bad reaction from ghosttown!
  2. And by the way the reviewer finally reacted to COADF. And just as suspected she LOVED it.
  3. I like cohesiveness because to me it makes it a “body of work.” But that’s just me! I also don’t want everything to sound the same. But if you put “Skin” on the same album as “God Control” with “Mother and Father” and “Jimmy Jimmy” I would have found it messy!
  4. There’s this hilarious girl on Youtube who is reviewing all of Madonna’s albums in reverse chronological order. She reviewed “Madame X” and while she liked some of the tracks, she didn’t like the album all that much. She just reviewed it for fun without wanting to review any more Madonna albums, but with the idea that she might try to do the top 5 fan favorites from her comments section. Then she was watching TV and heard “Ray of Light” in the background of some TV show, and fell in LOVE with the song. So she decided to view more M albums, with the idea that she wants to do all fourteen but might only do the top five in her comments section if she isn’t happy with what she hears. Then she reviewed “Rebel Heart,” and she fell in *LOVE* with the album. It was lovely to watch her get very excited about “Living for Love,” “Devil Pray,” “Ghosttown,” “Bitch I’m Madonna,” “Iconic,” “Hold Tight,” “Joan of Arc,” “Inside Out,” and “Wash All Over Me.” It actually made me miss “Rebel Heart,” which I haven’t listened to in several months. The next was “MDNA.” Ooh boy. She didn’t like that one very much. Then was “Hard Candy.” She didn’t like that one very much. Next is “Confessions on a Dance Floor,” which she hasn’t done yet but I am banking on her falling in LOVE with it. “American Life” will come next, and we all know it splits fans so I am excited to see how she feels about it. Then will come “Music,” and then “Ray of Light,” the title track of which, inspired her to review the rest of the M catalogue. I am excited to see what she has to say about all of these albums, not because her opinion is that amazing or important, but because it’s interesting seeing what it would be like to have a new friend and show them all of M’s music and hear what they have to say from fresh ears untouched by M. Her name on Youtube is AjayII. Personally I am glad she got MDNA and HC out of the way and still wants to continue, because for me those are the two albums that would be the least interesting to listen to in full for a casual listener, especially now that they are older albums.
  5. Madonna has a new photo of her with lots of curls tagged “Killers.” So either she is rehearsing (that is also tagged), or it’s a new look for something to do with Killers. I’m just curious.
  6. But that was with an accordion. Maybe this too? Or maybe just for the documentary! also someone says crazy is getting a video. Really????
  7. It’s also funny because young people don’t even listen to the radio haha
  8. I’m so sad there is no professional filming of this. Are we SURE there isn’t screen footage or SOMETHING that might leak?! There doesnt’ even seem to be news footage! Like. That’s so disappointing!
  9. I wish there could be connecting videos for each of these too so it could all be one chronological visual album. Mm!!!
  10. I love this video. I love that she put a queer person of color as the main character instead of herself. I love that Mykki said only good things after. And I love how haunting it is. I just wish it were longer!
  11. I love the song. My only complaint is that it’s a remake of something so recent.
  12. Why hate on millennials? Also Emma’s a Gen Z. Not a millennial. Millennials are like in their mid thirties.
  13. Emma has a right to her opinion. But I disagree with her inability to acknowledge that Madonna’s intentions were to support her. She can criticize it and still acknowledge that. But no, she crapped on it without even watching it.
  14. She is really getting into shape! She has already lost a bunch of weight for the start of this era and whatever extra she had left over was concealed well with clothing. Well it’s clear from this performance, and from the partying Instagram stuff afterwards, that her stomach is completely GONE. I am. So impressed. With how athletic she can still look at 60. And that she can still do the splits. Like. WHAT.
  15. Ugh Emma. I understand she is a survivor and I can’t tell her how to feel or even how she should say it. But my gosh! Its ok if she thought it was triggering. Or if she thinks it’s tacky when celebs do stuff like this. Or whatever. But why couldn’t she say “I wasn’t the biggest fan of the video BUT I APPRECIATE WHAT M IS TRYING TO DO AND RAISING AWARENESS IS IMPORTANT AND THAT WAS BRAVE etc.” She just dissed it. And M is clearly on her SIDE. And yes, M DID have a warning. Sooooo disappointing. Thanks Emma. For making my generation (well actually, the one that comes after) look absolutely ridiculous.
  16. She hasn’t. But her GLAAD speech had a couple moments. It certainly wouldn’t offend ME if she did. But my concern is that the media likes to tear M apart for her tributes and speeches. She just doesn’t always match what she says with a good read of the political climate. Which frankly, is what you have to deal with when you are a celebrity. At least her audience of gay fans will enjoy it no matter. And like it or not, in today’s political climate, if you piss of the SJW’s, you’re placed into the box of the right wing. Whether it’s fair or not.
  17. The tackiest thing a person can do at an event celebrating a marginalized community is say “you all owe me” in a speech. And you know it, whether you want to clap or not.
  18. I am very excited! But PLEASE m, if you give a speech, please don’t imply that you single handedly rescued the gay community. I know what you meant last time, and appreciate the huge strides you made for us. But our struggles are still our own, and we rescue ourselves, with the help of our allies. But we aren’t just passive victims without agency. Please also don’t talk about blowing up government buildings #womensmarch, not because I don’t agree with the sentiment re: Trump, but because it overshadows your message the same way controversy overshadows your music in the media.
  19. Yay I bet this will be a slight taste of what she will do for some of the songs on tour!
  20. Didn’t you see how many Instagram stories, posts, and tweets she has made? She got Spotify deals to show Medellin on their playlists, billboards all over the world. Just because it’s not magazine covers or news interviews doesn’t mean it’s not promo. She hyped this up big time. Crave live chat. Medellin MTV special. Apple special. Holographic BBMAs. Doing a video (and on her insta) for every releases track thus far. Having TWO videos for Medellin. Having both singles’ videos teased heavily on insta. She is definitely more digitally engaged. And think about how many hours of filming for film projects she has done, including the holograms.
  21. For me, I don’t count the interviews that are all about the film. That’s like counting hard candy fitness interviews as album promo.
  22. Honestly, we have gotten so much this era. Remember the MDNA era? Where we had a Superbowl performance, and three videos? That’s IT? Or the Hard Candy era, where there was a gig and TWO videos? For Madame X, we already have two videos, probably MANY more to come, two big performances (that had extra holographic visuals with different looks), a connection to Apple, light magazine coverage...she might not be doing physical promotion as much as RH, but she is already doing quite a bit compared to other albums.
  23. Not in the States! nobody knows me is great and very likeable. But it would have sounded extremely bizarre on the radio at the time.
  24. Madonna called I Rise a single on Instagram and then quickly corrected herself and made it “track.”
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