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  1. Sorry this song is shit. 1/5. Why, Madonna why?
  2. I listened to it only once and it was more than enough.
  3. Don’t hate for this but the song is weak. Medellín is good but not good enough to generate interests
  4. Madonna Medellín 8 and 16 bit arcade are available on iTunes
  5. It’s about time for Madonna to counter attack. Enough is enough. It’s not the first time that nobody attacks Madonna.
  6. This era is so far amazing. Is she going to the Met Gala on May 6?
  7. I’m glad that this is not the 2nd single. The next single should be a club banger, a shower not a grower.
  8. I was very impressed with her performance. The best performance of the night hands down. She had never been genuinely this happy for years until she met this Maluma boy. He does make her happy. Good sex maybe?
  9. I’m being selfish here. I really want her to dress sexier than that. Her body is in excellent shape so why not
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