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  1. The stage is amazing!Its very beautiful!!!
  2. Madonna set to arrive for Eurovision, but gig still in air Equipment is already here and pop star to fly in with huge entourage on Wednesday, but negotiations still ongoing over broadcast rights Pop superstar Madonna will land in Israel on Wednesday morning, accompanied by an entourage of 135 people, ahead of her planned performance during the Eurovision finals on Saturday night. But on Monday, Eurovision executive producer Jon Ola Sand said her performance was not yet confirmed, since the European Broadcasting Union does not have a signed contract with her team.Disagreements appa
  3. Thank you!I was starting to get concerned!
  4. Madonna has been rumoured to perform in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Today Jon Ola Sand has confirmed that there is not a signed contract with Madonna. “If we don’t sign a contract, she won’t perform” Jon Ola Sand is saying that EBU or KAN have never confirmed that Madonna would perform at the grand final of the contest, even the official media handbook had Madonna listed for a while. He is saying that Madonna is interested in performing in the grand final, but a contract hasn’t been signed. In case a contract is not signed, Madonna won’t perform in the final.
  5. The EBU always has a plan B but maybe it's to short day now,they already started rehearsals.
  6. And last but not least,Celine Dion won the contest in 1988 and as you al know Celine Dion is Madonna's 8th cousin!!!!!
  7. O my god she wil take to the stage second semi-final for a interview!!!
  8. In the Netherlands they played it two times on radio2
  9. They stopped the broadcast in China because of this censorship the same evening!
  10. imagine people in USA,Europe and Australia where the ESC is also very big watching this live at the same time!, it"s really amazing!!! That makes me wonder maybe she sing's Imagine from John Lennon?!!!
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