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  1. Kurwisko

    Kanye West

    Omg, reminds me of
  2. Love this album so much but Wounded Rhymes is still her magnum opus.
  3. It’s a really good album! Missed the old Chan.
  4. Kurwisko

    Let's rank all of Bjork's albums!

    This is so true... Bastards > Biophilia
  5. Kurwisko

    Let's rank all of Bjork's albums!

    Ikr, it’s one of my favourite Björk’s albums! OT: 1. Homogenic 2. Post 3. Vespertine 4. Utopia 5. Medulla 6. Vulnicura 7. Debut 8. Volta 9. Biophilia I must add that Biophilia is only below Volta because I was very disappointed with the whole era rollout. It could have been one of her best albums with all the hype around it but it just felt flat like a pancake. Volta still has some good tracks (Earth Intruders, duet with Antony - back then) but definitely not as many as Debut. Vulnicura is gorgeous but I need to be in a certain mood to fully experience it (cause it’s definitely not one of those easy-listening albums). Plus, I love her previous records more. With that being said I can totally see Utopia becoming my favourite Björk album ever (Arisen My Senses, Future Forever, ahhh!!!!!!) but I think I need a few more years for that to happen. Hopefully it won’t age like milk
  6. Kurwisko

    Christine & The Queens

    Ok so I finally gave it a try and I must say it’s actually very decent! Definitely in top 5 best pop albums of 2018 for me so far! I think I liked debut a little bit more though!
  7. Kurwisko

    Christine & The Queens

    Is the second album really that good? Debut had some great tracks (I only listened to en version).
  8. Kurwisko

    Witch Music - Genre

    I used to spend nights listening to this amazing track. I still listen to Balam Acab though. White Ring and oOoOO, too.