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  1. I kind of agree, but I think it may have been released 2nd strategically. Maybe to get all of the haters and ageist trolls out of the way with Medellin, and then follow it up with something like I Rise which nobody expects...? All I know is I first heard Medellin and liked it... better than "Living for Love," but when I heard "I Rise" last night I teared up like a little bitch. I just said to myself "she did it, she fucking did it" BECAUSE "I Rise" sounds like the classic Madonna I've been missing, and the sound works for today. I think "I Rise" will be a fan favorite for the ages even if i
  2. I like what Madonna's new PR is doing this era. Releasing Medellin first was risky, but then following it up with I Rise was really smart imo. I don't think they are necessarily concerned with airplay--Beyonce isn't either. I rise is for the fans, and I'm here for it. Don't kill me for the Beyonce reference, we all know she's using Madonna's blueprint, but she's the only one doing it well compared to her peers (concerts, buzz, documentaries, etc). I WANT REMIXES NOWWW
  3. Good points. There is probably gonna be some heavy activity in Brazil also considering she skipped South America last time and especially with a Portuguese language single. Her recent #EleNao post was a huge PR win for her. She will be well served by focusing on her global audience outside of America... I am hopeful her new sound will reflect that and I hope she doesn't twerk at Glastonbury.
  4. So over the last two months Madonna has been randomly posting cryptic Instagram stories about "people wasting her time," having to do everything herself, being disappointed in ppl etc. I just wonder if some of these things are album related. Plus there was the very telling dig at Guy Oseary about having to do songwriting camps. I don't know if Starrah worked out or not. My first thought when she pulled in Mirwais was that the shit wasn't working out. Another Mirwais theory goes back to her Tears of a Clown mindset when for her Australian show she basically performed the American Life album---s
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