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  1. Hhaha so happy you posted this because the moment I found out M’s album is Madame X this is the FIRST thing I thought of-I loooooove this episode and I am obsessed with i love lucy haha
  2. My favorite as soon as the album dropped was Extreme Occident - and still is. Closely followed by Looking for Mercy and Medellin.
  3. 1. Extreme Occident 2. Medellin 3. God Control 4. Looking For Mercy 5. I Don't Search I Find
  4. I actually didn't change the order of MX yet, but I did make a playlist for myself titled "Madame X's American Life" lol and incorporated my favorite inspiring/calming MX songs with AL songs... just in case anyone is curious: Dark Ballet X-Static Process Looking for Mercy Killers Who Are Partying Nothing Fails Love Profusion Intervention Easy Ride Extreme Occident
  5. This was sooooo much fun to watch, I just watched it too. OMG I can't believe how I felt like it was only 3 minutes - it went by soooo fast. I love the way she described "crazy"
  6. Yep!! And the speech was great. It was natural and genuine, I loved it.
  7. Thank you to whoever mentioned the live streamer from IG!!! I enjoyed the performance and wished i was there...
  8. "And I've got the right...to choose my own life." "Another me could now begin."
  9. I love her voice in the beginning of the song.. sounds like her lips/teeth are clenched, like she’s angry...gives the song good emotion
  10. So while my boyfriend was over and talking about Madame X, he said "do you know who I think is singing the song CRAZY?" I was like "Huh?" He said "I feel like the accordion girl is singing that song." I was like WTF are you talking? He was like "the Madame X character who plays the accordion!" I was like ohhh! So this gave me a fun idea! Which one of the Madame X characters do you all think is singing your favorite song? I'm definitely going to agree and said the accordion Madame X is singing Crazy, and I feel like Madame X with the whip and eye patch is singing Bitch, I'm Loca!
  11. OMG OMG THE ALBUM IS LOADED IN MY ITUNES ALREADY!!!’ And I’m in the USA so i thought I would have to wait another 3 hrs for midnight!!! ******disregard******* i was looking at the wrong thing sorry i got too excited
  12. Extreme Occident is the heart of this album for me. Every album of Madonna's has a "heart" for me and for MX, it's this one. I can't even describe the way it hits home for me... ugh, love love love... all her songs/albums come out at the PERFECT time in my life. Thank you, M.
  13. I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH. When she first started with the "iiiiiii" it reminded me of "iiiiiii feel so bad...." from nobody perfect
  14. Those are the lyrics for Killers Who Are Partying I think
  15. How is someone able to post something like that on iTunes? Like in a podcast or something?? I am way behind the times! LOL
  16. I feel terrible for giving in but I listened to some snippets - I know for a fact one was EXTREME OCCIDENT and I am already in love with it like I knew I was going to be - reminded me of Easy Ride meeting Heartbreak City (weird, but could change if I listen to the real version) Another one I heard reminded me of a sequel to Deeper & Deeper - I don't know which song this was tho - I don't know why some reviews said they didn't hear disco/dance stomper or whatever, because with this one I heard it was pure Confessions meets Deeper and Deeper (from my perspective) I feel gross having listened to these few - but now I'm done lol - and I bought a few copies of the albums so that's my justification ugh.
  18. To me this was the perfect way to describe it! Because that's literally what happened to me with the first 4 songs! Literally. Thanks for putting into words!
  19. Is DrownedMadonna freelancing for Rolling Stone now... lol... it sounds like something they would write.
  20. I absolutely love this song and freaking love this video. It is classic M. Also side note-my bf thought it would be funny with a madame x animoji he made via facetime hahahahhaa just thought i’d share. He does things like this to make me laugh and he isn’t a fanatic like us hahaha disregard my near midnight tired face
  21. lol I was just thinking this.. I was like I wonder where this person is from where 30 year olds look like what M looks like... and that's not an insult, I think Madonna looks freaking amazing ESPECIALLY during this era..but 30... no. I'd say 45 the most...
  22. I am in love with this song. Does anyone else think it's not truly a romantic interest she's singing about but about her mom? Maybe I'm bias because I lost my dad at a young age and sometimes I crave for that father figure..but I don't know..just the tone, vibe, I feel like she is singing about her mom, especially the "inside of me" bit.. sorry if this is been mentioned, but I didn't have time yet to go through the last 20 pages but I will today as Madonnanation right now is my new Netflix splurge lol
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