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  1. This guy was actually very respectful. She was the one who came off annoyed during the whole interview. Also, is she that sheltered that she really has no idea about some of the reactions to that performance? Or does she just not want to discuss any criticism in regards to her performances? Interesting.
  2. Has anyone recieved their copy in the mail from the tour redeem? I sure haven’t
  3. She’s 60. Why do people keep misquoting her age?
  4. When did LGBT add QIA? Are all those letters really necessary? Happy Madonna is doing pride!!!!
  5. Had nothing to do with it. The song wasn’t radio friendly and was self-absorbed. Also, the “stop-start” songs just don’t do well on radio. Medellín is the same way. The beat turns on, off, on, off. You can’t exactly dance to either song like you would the other songs on the radio. I think Nothing Fails would have been a perfect single choice. The fact it never got a video is criminal. Who cares about radio anyway? I’m still confused as to who still listens to it because nobody I know does.
  6. When did she become music icon and not queen of pop?
  7. I loooove the cassette with the glitter!!! So cool looking
  8. The confusion lies in that is was supposedly 25 minutes ago. You know, like SHE posted, Calm down
  9. Ummm ok so the q and a was supposed to have started somewhere. Where is it? So confusing lol
  10. Omgsh where is this interview? I need to see this haha I’m always hoping someone asks about her older songs
  11. What? This part was totally off and didn’t fit the song lol surprised some of you liked it. Anyways, where is the Q and A? It starts in 45 minutes. She says it’s in her stories but I’m not seeing it.
  12. Does anybody know where the interview is online of her in the audience at euro vision? I can’t find it and missed it. Thank you
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