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  1. 1 minute ago, imakicola said:

    This is also pop music. It’s supposed to have artistic value but it’s supposed to be commercial. And easily accessible. 

    Yup, for the album to sell it needs a commercial anchor. Madonna is equal parts an artist and a businesswoman.

  2. Super catchy and current. The guitar intro and backing vocals give me life. The harmonizing is reminiscent of X-static Process. Love the vibrato in verse 2. Haven't stopped listening to it (and to Medellin) since Tues. Still a downside: the mumbled verses; as if she's chewing on something while singing. 

  3. 6 minutes ago, impr3ssive_instant said:

    The whole point of the album is that she's embodying different identities...logically it means many of the songs will be radically different from each other. 

    Someone with half a brain would've realized this by now. Unfortunately, not of all of us get this. 🙂

  4. 12 hours ago, MLVC82 said:

    and THIS Happened on "the View" today...they should be ashamed as women to speak about MADONNA like this....I let them have it in the comments.



    Wanna slap whoopi, that ugly brunette and that fat blonde bitch. Obviously, they're haters. Not a single word of compliment. They kept comparing her to artists who essentialy do rock or r&b music (but have stopped being relevant ages ago.) Madonna remains a fuckin popstar / dance diva at age 60. And refuses to become a legacy act like those vile women have mentioned.

  5. 15 hours ago, dcbyebyebaby said:

    But by releasing this song she is concerned with streaming. This is whats hot now. Chill Midtempo songs. Especially with Swae Lee. Hes the 6th most listened to artist on spotify. 


    True. She still needs to 'sell' the album to the GP. A catchy, current yet still Madonna-sounding single guest-starring a most in-demand artist is smart, especially in the US. 

  6. Shat that it leaked! Off w/ the perpetrator's head, hmp.

    That said, the guitar licks are heavenly. A sweet nod to AL but flavored for current consumption.

    Swae and M vocals work well. Better than M + M (And I luv that track.) But in the first verse, why is she mumbling?

  7. 58 minutes ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    Do you think so ?  Don't see much of Madonna's personality in him at all really. 

    Well, mother and son have a rebellious streak in them and seems to have authority figure issues. Both decided to leave "home" at a young age to do whatever they wanted to do. In R's case, he chose to live with his father even if it meant breaking M's heart. An act that paralleled M's decision to ditch uni for NYC and angering her dad in the process. In terms of ambition though, I think David is taking after her.

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