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  1. Netherlands, north macedonia, estonia, serbia, and azerbaijan are good, too.
  2. azeri men (like my love) are fine-looking. been there to baku years ago and had good-looking interns from azerbaijan in the past.
  3. 'Soltera' is a fine follow-up to the sublime 'Medellin.' Maduma is on fire.
  4. that bridge is a saving grace! for the 2nd time in a row, the featured artist is the one closing the song.
  5. not liking the song at first listen - it's monotonous. might grow on me later on. production-wise it's good.
  6. well, there's still bitch i'm loca...
  7. Less than 3 hrs in my time zone. Hope it's catchier than UB.
  8. Senora montoya would most likely approve your keen observations. It's a lovely, bright and wistful video. My initial crazy take, apart from the forbidden love angle, is that swae is the fountain of youth to madonna's don juan ponce de leon. The opening and interlude are wonderful. (Here we see QoP as an elegant, sexy matron as opposed to the ageless dancing diva in the verses and chorus.) But i want more interaction between madame x and mr lee at the end.
  9. pretty sure, madonna's reaction to the leak is worse than that of soraya montaya's. ha-ha
  10. the opening scene is poignant; the spoken words are delivered with pathos and truth. as a leitmotif, the homing pigeons are very GOT-esque or reminiscent one of nigthwing's episode at netflix :->). madame x's evergreen beauty is optimized here. swae is sexy as hell.
  11. That (yummeeeee) and the record itself.
  12. Can't wait for the video. Madonna is back to looking fierce and ferocious. And sounding achingly sweet and spicy. Swae is a fine vocalist.
  13. same here! but now i love the sphinx version. giving the set me free a few spins, too. .
  14. dancing to the sphinx version right now. the intro reminds me of the OYH instrumental used in a madonna tour.
  15. Madonna channels the essence of Lisbon’s Fado music in ‘Crave’ Read more at https://www.nme.com/blogs/madonna-crave-swae-lee-madame-x-track-review-2486323#EIfBmjcSrRIF0izG.99
  16. 'wonder if madame x is dedicating "crave" to a particular person.
  17. looking forward to more positive reviews like this, tnx. the sonical chem between swae and madame x is fab. (the maduma chem on the other hand is more visual and sensational).
  18. The song has this emotional push-pull that is cleverly camouflaged by its melody and harmony. Some commenters on YT audio clip have cried like you and me. 'Was particularly touched by this guy who paid tribute to his huge Madonna fan of a brother that succumbed to the big c last year. Ergo, we're so blessed to be able to witness, hear, and even bitch about Madame X's musical iterations and many faces.
  19. Yehey. More remixes then since the world loves to groove to M.
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