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  1. A glorious song --- so far my top favorite of the Madame X songs (sans the five promo singles). The outro is heavenly.
  2. The Variety review is like 4.5 stars to me.
  3. Initial song verdict on first listen. My ranking will definitely change in the coming days: 1. Come Alive - M's balladry is in fine display here; choral background is sublime 2. Faz Gastoso - superb duet w/ Anitta. This bop should've been a single. Release it asap! 3. Crazy - vintage, radio-friendly M sound; clever use of accordion 4. Looking for Mercy - a sweeping movie soundtrack-like song. Lush instrumentation and orchestration 5. Batuka - drums and chants are the highlights 6. Extreme Occident - vocal delivery on point Trying to make sense of the following: *God Control - a sonic Frankenstein. Captivating or jarring in some parts *Bitch I'm Loca - inferior Mamacita - Papi collaboration to Medellin and perhaps, Soltera. *I Don't Search I Find - chill throwback to the Erotica era; reminds me of Fever *Killers Who Are Partying - seems like a lovechild of Paradise Not for Me and Frozen
  4. My EQ has been severely tested for days! The first thing that I'd play is "god control." Next is IDSIF then "crazy."
  5. Wet with anticipation; just a few more hours...
  6. Yehey! Cinquemani has always written fair critiques on M's work.
  7. my pleasure, @Mensch. i must add that the metamorphosis of the song "beautiful game" into "dark ballet" is indeed bizarre but more importantly, beautiful. the instrumentation, production, and vocals are oh-so-fine.
  8. mon Dieu! "dark ballet" a masterwork in short horror film. malevolence pervade its visual and aural orchestration. for the less perceptive, the video might even contain "demonic" elements. but the messaging is very clear... omnipresent to this day are the religious, political, cultural, and social inquisition of people in the fringes and margins. the dark ages never came to past but was tempered only by science and modernization. prejudice lurks in the minds and hearts of those who refuse to step beyond their bubbles, towers and zones. the divide remains. the battlefields are still there. people might have discovered cures for epidemics. but none yet for today's pandemic disease of rage and ignorance that are magnified by mass media and digital technology. and yet like cascading water, the vulnerable will continue forging a path for their redemption. orders and systems be damned. triumphantly, emmanuel and madonna have realized their artistic vision. they found a brilliant conduit in mykko. surrounded by a lovely cast of actors, he personifies the persecuted lot of this world that soldier on. and the third person narration of madonna, more heard and little seen, give more focus on the film's message. "dark ballet" is a fine addition to Madonna's exceptional videography.
  9. Oh my. I thought 'twas just a regular/typical set-up interview.
  10. Topnotch photos and article. Love that the writer's viewpoint was central to the piece as it made the QoP more relatable and human.
  11. "Medellin" over "Crave" by a hair. Either way, glad that both are leading the poll.
  12. Madonna is the goddess of beauty! Swae has swag.
  13. Russia and slovenia are fine as well
  14. The Future performance was much better than LAP. Her vocals were wobbly/pitchy in the former. She looked phenomenal on stage.
  15. The biggest pop star in the world!
  16. Butterflies in my stomach. Wanna see madonna! Put her on, pls.
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