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  1. that's the word: reassuring calmness. the song's positiveness just shines through.
  2. Madonna was quite candid with and warm to Dan in this interview. Fabulous interaction between these two. And his top 5 list of M songs was unpredictable. "You'll See" and "Another Suitcase in Another Hall" being two of the most impactful tracks in his life. Thanks for posting.
  3. This is how one conducts an interview with M. Harry is a seasoned media practitioner and he skillfully turns this interview into an incisive, open and friendly conversation. Madonna is obviously is comfortable with him.
  4. Kate is very smart and perceptive, though she tends to be loquacious. As evident in this good interview, Madonna shows respects to credible, intelligent journos. 'Wish 'twas longer.
  5. Yes, madonnaman! We've been with QoP since the dawn of time, er her career. ^_- She has "soundtracked" the peaks and valleys of every fan's life. And we'll stick by her 'til the kingdom come, right?
  6. The end part reminds me of the LAP verses. I hear a bit of Enya, too. There's a sense of catharis, even rapture, when the lovely choir takes over.
  7. Still my most fave Madame X track (just nosing out Come Alive, Looking for Mercy, Medellin, Faz Gastoso, Crazy, & Bitch I'm Loca).
  8. Let's enjoy the X ride fellow fan fr the '80s
  9. Maybe these reviewers are strongly averse to one-eyed 'freedom fighter.' Or they feel that edm and pop-rock (especially in the vein of modern talking, michael learns to rock, and michael learns to rock) are superior to romance/latin music. -_~
  10. My ears are playing tricks on me. I hear aqua, van mc coy, bjork, kc & the sunshine band, pink floyd, and ariana grande.
  11. Or they're just dismissive of M's artistry. A publication that rates MDNA higher than ROL and COADF is laughable.
  12. Naughty twosome. They should have a standby room whenevet they're together.
  13. Catchy as hell! Her delivery is that of defiance and sass.
  14. the story of my life for the past 4 years. simply touching.
  15. Madonna and Anitta are like thunder and lightning! If I had my way, FG should've been released right after Medellin.
  16. Cleverly placed tracks # 8 (CRAVE), # 9 (CRAZY) & # 10 (COME ALIVE) act as the centrifugal force of MX. Not too far left nor far right as she warbles in the next track. They keep the musical direction of the album grounded. The sonic Frankenstein tracks # 2 (DARK BALLET) and # 3 (GOD CONTROL) heighten each other's bizarre, out-of-this-world musical virtues.Their political overtones are balanced out by the swirling, inventive beats and rhythms. Potentially, casual fans and the listening public will find these songs divisive and overblown. MX is Madonna's best album this decade. Her investment in each production is palpable. How it stacks up against her all-time greats is up for discussion.
  17. Sorry, posted in the wrong thread. Hope MX hits # 1 in US ITunes!
  18. 47 and counting!..how's MX faring in IRE and DEN?
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