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  1. I get your point. I'm old and yet I like BIL. And he/she needs to be called out. But don't project your bruised feelings on the album or a specific MX single just to argue a point. And be careful with loosely using the phrase " that's the truth" in the context of your argument especially if it's not an established fact. Yes, we express our views and opinions in this forum but you and i are not arbiters of truth here. 

  2. 8 minutes ago, the-queen said:

    It hurts to see beautiful Madonna on the ground in blood. 😥 But I know that’s the point, to visually show the sadness and madness of it all.

    Such a death scene will trigger a lot of horrific feelings and thoughts. I'd prefer that the disco carnage is part of a nightmare that MX is experiencing in the video. Then she wakes up in the end. Or something hopeful for a conclusion. 

  3. 8 minutes ago, hungup said:

    Just saw the interview..she doesn't seem to think of a video. The journalist asked how much she would need for it and she said 300 thousand USD would be fine. Let's start a crowdfunding 🤣🤣. Anitta also recorded a video message for her.

    What was her reaction to Anitta's message? Curious to know coz she hasn't mentioned their collaboration in the on-going media campaign.

    Also, she should listen to the clamor of her Portuguese-speaking fans for a singles release. 

  4. 49 minutes ago, Icykiller said:

    Okay... I am letting all sink in. I was out of the city, had a busy past 3 or 4 days, and had to unwind before getting my head into M's new work. So I finally got to listen to MX. Or, more like I am just going through it. First impressions:

    The run from Future to Extreme Occident (maybe include Faz Gostoso here too) is  where MX's heart is. It's full of intricate sounds, with an amazing mix of rhythms. Percussions are MX's structure, it's all about that beat, it just drags the listener throughout a journey. No, MX is by no means coherent in the ROL or AL or COAD sense, this is different. She's experimenting with many things here, and there's no polishing. The voice distortion thing is not annoying, it's done right I think.

    This her most dance (or rhythmic is perhaps a better word choice?) record in a while. No, there's no damn disco stomper or any typical Euro or Anglo club hit (and I am extremely grateful for that, to be honest). This is dark, sweaty, underground latin club, sensual dancing. There's a sense of abandonment in some tracks, of letting go and mesh into the rhythm (I don't search I find, for example, or Come Alive). It is also amazing how this same sense of losing sense into the music connects with messages of change and hope (Batuka).

    The gist of MX, as I see/listen it, is of loss and finding, of holding on to sanity despite feeling hopeless. Extreme Occident, Come Alive, and I don't search I find (together with Future) are the standouts for me. But also loving Batuka, Crazy, Killers..., and also Medellin and Crave. Dark Ballet feels more like a mood piece, a statement and not a song. Not into I Rise and God Control.

    I feel like MX will be one of my favorite albums of hers. It's amazing that, after all this years, I can still be pleasantly surprised by her musical output. She has an amazing album in her hands. I hope she releases at least two more singles/videos out of MX, the album deserves exposure. 

    Amen to your review! I like that you pointed out the visceral tracks of the album, which for me plays to the emotive strengths of Madonna as both vocalist and storyteller.  If I may add, tracks 2 - 6 are the more celebral ones: social commentaries and conversation starters from an artist who refuses to mute her powerful voice.

  5. "funani" is the most commercial madonna - mirwais MX combo. it's this era's "love profusion." 

    ranged , however, against the other overtly experimental, quirky collaborations the track sticks out like a sore thumb. nonetheless a thumb that one can happily suck on for days.

    i'm fine with the name-checking, especially the inclusion of the two departed divas. although the most obvious omission of all will not sit well with his fans.

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