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  1. the editorial board of this shitty site is equally guilty as the mimi fantard/hack.
  2. A Crave or IDSIF performance would be fab!
  3. You're not alone. I abhor that single. Maybe she thinks Pride is the place and occasion for the song's redemption.
  4. LMAO. If the setlist is true, then MX is the ultimate troll.
  5. Wtf? Hate both IR and F. (As album cuts they fit the MX narrative really well.) I can understand why she wants to do IR. But she has to accept that "future" has no commercial future.
  6. LOL. Using Mimeh's 15-year old song as reference point. Obviously, this mercenary needs to go back to school. More units in creative writing and critical analysis, please.
  7. I get your point. I'm old and yet I like BIL. And he/she needs to be called out. But don't project your bruised feelings on the album or a specific MX single just to argue a point. And be careful with loosely using the phrase " that's the truth" in the context of your argument especially if it's not an established fact. Yes, we express our views and opinions in this forum but you and i are not arbiters of truth here.
  8. There's no crappy "BS" in the album. To suggest otherwise is pure bs. Pun intended.
  9. Such a death scene will trigger a lot of horrific feelings and thoughts. I'd prefer that the disco carnage is part of a nightmare that MX is experiencing in the video. Then she wakes up in the end. Or something hopeful for a conclusion.
  10. very good interview! M looks and sounds less guarded here. rylan has this disarming yet somehow dangerous aura. ^_; and yes, maluma is so handsome.
  11. What was her reaction to Anitta's message? Curious to know coz she hasn't mentioned their collaboration in the on-going media campaign. Also, she should listen to the clamor of her Portuguese-speaking fans for a singles release.
  12. bravo! the string arrangement for LFM and the other MX tracks are gorgeous and epic.
  13. Whatta booty-shaker. One of the few really fun songs in the album. It complements "faz gastoso."
  14. Not a fan of this reworked piece, future, and I rise. But overall, starrah's contribution to MX is stellar.
  15. She has a steel for stomach then. Imagine writing a paean or dirge for idols and contemporaries while enjoying her macrobiotic meal. -_~
  16. True. I always look forward to the outro.
  17. Amen to your review! I like that you pointed out the visceral tracks of the album, which for me plays to the emotive strengths of Madonna as both vocalist and storyteller. If I may add, tracks 2 - 6 are the more celebral ones: social commentaries and conversation starters from an artist who refuses to mute her powerful voice.
  18. "funani" is the most commercial madonna - mirwais MX combo. it's this era's "love profusion." ranged , however, against the other overtly experimental, quirky collaborations the track sticks out like a sore thumb. nonetheless a thumb that one can happily suck on for days. i'm fine with the name-checking, especially the inclusion of the two departed divas. although the most obvious omission of all will not sit well with his fans.
  19. love her work in: looking for mercy, crave, crazy, come alive
  21. shed copious tears the first time i heard it. there's so much honesty and vulnerability in the song.
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