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  1. seriously damaged person. his apologists are even more damaged.
  2. good that adam and company soldiered on under the current situation.
  3. what an extremely talented artist and entertainer; an all-time great! and well-loved by his peers despite his eccentric behavior. but he was a classic oreo with an obvious identity crisis: sexual and racial (diana ross as an image model, wanting to look white, sounding white musically, and minor boys for friends and occasional playmates). and his behavior and reputation got only worse during the '90s and the aughts. obviously, he got primarily damaged by the years of physical and verbal abuse from his father. and showbiz and its many trappings robbed him of his childhood and skewed his formative years. i guess dying was the best thing that ever happened to him. otherwise, he would have been lionized to death under this current climate. prior to his demise, his career and public persona was in the doldrums. ten years after, his legacy has been massively rehabilitated. eventually this controversy will go on and on and on. i expect more accusations and exposes (pseudo or otherwise) to come out in the coming years.
  4. pre-maroon 5 days. the "grungy" adam was only 16 here: 0:37 and 5:05.
  5. the first album is outstanding. maroon 5 has thrived over the years because they periodically "re-invent' their sound. now, for my love adam ('could stay in bed with him for days) he was super cutie during his kara's flowers days. but was eew in the "songs about jane" era. he redeemed himself in my eyes at the start of this decade. he looked so dashing when he presented the globes' best original song to madonna in 2011.
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