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  1. Could X be a duet album? With all these confirmed/rumoured features it would make sense? 10 songs 10 features? Madonna x Maluma Madonna x Anitta Madonna x Nakhane Madonna x Dino Madonna x Mykki Blanco Drake?
  2. So she probably followed 6lack because of this and not because she’s working with him :—) fingers crossed hehe
  3. What I really want is cohesiveness!! Give me an album, not just a random collection of songs. Confessions has some shoddy songwriting, but it all flows together gloriously!! Rebel Heart has some strong melodies, but overall it just feels a little messy and lacking in direction. Hoping Mirwaïs plays a big part, not like Orbit on MDNA.
  4. After years of lurking this messy forum I'm finally part of this wholesome family!! First post Mark my words, we are not prepared for the Fado-Nakhane-Mirwais-Moroccan-Portuguese-feat.Nicki-feat.Cardi-feat.CamilaCabello-Benfica-MASTERPIECE the Queen is about to bestow on us!! #soon
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