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  1. The YouTube hit that got away! This could've been the Bitch I'm Madonna of the era.
  2. One of her best songs ever. Deserved single treatment and a cool spy themed music video, regardless of its chart performance.
  3. I'm so glad she acknowledged this amazing achievement The queen of the dance floor
  4. Brilliant song. Congrats to the queen of the dance floor!
  5. Incredible song! We need a translation of the créole Kimi Djabaté lyrics, though.
  6. 01. Medellín. 02. Crave. 03. Extreme Occident. 04. Come Alive. 05. Bitch I'm Loca. 06. Funana. 07. Killers Who Are Partying. 08. Batuka. 09. Faz Gostoso. 10. God Control. 11. Future. 12. I Don't Search, I Find. 13. Ciao Bella. 14. Crazy. 15. Back That Up To The Beat. 16. Dark Ballet. 17. Looking For Mercy. 18. I Rise.
  7. Please, I really want this album to get some Grammy nominations. Yes, as The Queen Of Pop she doesn't need them but I'd love some proper industry recognition for this fantastically bold experiment at this stage of her illustrious career.
  8. More Pics: https://mega.nz/#F!W3RhUAxC!vlW_lUR_hHFjWEHInCLR9g https://mega.nz/#!ICgjhKCI!1wU_PAu-OImtKd75WyuApsgmZYjMTspvkQkDFx8Rbs8 https://mega.nz/#!KdkkBAzS!WPTCkbgC8F6coxGyFpMCIYrE5DPzhcEHKmQ2G9TaClU https://mega.nz/#!mjoDgCpC!w49_8FSmftSHXXH73Ehi3oLGQHOx95JyLkqsTgKrj0A
  9. There you go @Flip The Switch :) https://mega.nz/#F!CzYHmSKR!IVRJHAqsVuh861qJhDOsEA https://mega.nz/#!KU9VkaSK!XwpljunCIRXECocbGtBZDWIrNZnyz5j2V3vlWaeeiZA https://mega.nz/#!eJUgRQwL!s9aCAFzzTz77mRClIt3f3c8RFyJNUepsY4PEjJz4DDM https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JQ8PWcA41NIIf2ATBVipTQIK-FyKgcbu
  10. This would make a fantastic cover for a greatest hits album!
  11. Living for Love / Medellin Devil Pray / Dark Ballet Ghosttown / God Control Unapologetic Bitch / Future Illuminati / Batuka Bitch I'm Madonna / Killers Hold Tight / Crave Joan of Arc / Crazy Iconic / Come Alive HeartBreakCity / Extreme Occident Body Shop / Faz Gostoso Holy Water / Bitch I'm Loca Inside Out / I Don't Search I Find Wash All Over Me / Looking for Mercy Best Night / I Rise Veni Vidi Vici / Funana S.E.X. / Back That Up Messiah / Ciao Bella Rebel Heart / Soltera Rebel Heart: 6 Madame X: 13
  12. A masterpiece from beginning to end. Thank you for being you, Madonna.
  13. I expected something cool obviously but WOW, this is one of her best videos ever. I love everything about it - Youtube smash incoming, let's keep streaming!!!
  14. We need to stream the hell out of MEDELLÍN on Spotify, Madonna fam! Maybe we should create a forum playlist when the song comes out. Medellín Madonna hit Medellín Madonna hit Medellín Madonna hit ...You catch my grift. Your customized playlists don't qualify as spam/auto-generated plays, so it's all good. When it comes to the YouTube video, please do not hit replay when you finish, instead refresh the page, or type MADONNA MEDELLÍN in the search bar again, so every single view will count. Most of all, spread the word and enjoy the music!!!. We all want to support M but never forget that charts are just an indicator of popularity, not quality or artistry, so don't get too caught up in the numbers and celebrate this moment.
  15. 1. Killers 2. Extreme Content 3. Dark Ballet 4.--- 5. God Control 6. Batuka 7. Funaná 8. Medellín 9.--- 10.--' 11. Crazy 12.--- 13. Loca 14. Back The Up (?) 15. Game Alive
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