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  1. Me too, Madonna deserves so much more success than she gains lately . Great news on A listed again plus it’s static at 31 iTunes for a week now , surely it won’t drop out of top 100 by Friday will it ??
  2. I agree , something isn’t adding up. He has YouTube video streams of billions and multiple ones . Jsit find it all so unfair that all her hard work comes to nothing especially in USA . Seems to be the worst tgere . No offence but hope she does a girlie show on next tour and does 2 dates in the country .
  3. Definitely her best lead since hung up and yes it’s much better than Music . Never liked that song . I would class it in one of her top 15 songs , such a grower . Shame the rest of the world is not getting the opportunity to hear it or look beyond their hate
  4. I think I’ll stick to my usual in listening to the whole album on release day . It’s the way I always do it . I was even the only person in the world that did this for Rebel heart , didn’t listen to any leaks . Actually lie , I did listen to Avicii heart . But unless Medellin is abandoned ( I don’t want it to be btw) and she launches new one at Eurovision I’ll be waiting til The Day . Its one of those beautiful pleasures in life , I’ve experienced since true blue . Bought Madonna and like a Virgin well after release dates. The only time I was ever disappointed on day 1 was Hard Candy , it never grew on me either , remains her all time worst but anyway back to Madame X . I too, am wondering will it be Latin , dance or ballad heavy . I’m sure it will be amazing that’s for sure , really good feeling about it
  5. So Medellin sold more than the no.1 album this week . I really don’t understand this streaming world . It’s f**ked up
  6. Yes this is how I see it , I keep lying to myself and saying if I love the music it’s enough but I’m sorry I want vindication . Madonna deserves to have another hit , she had put our so much goood stuff over the last few years and especially Medellin and I’m sorry not sorry I want people to bow down and worship her . It’s a f**king great song and another amazing video . Respect this woman and her work , the absolute s**t that is a hit these days makes me angry as does the hate this woman gets so No I’m sorry , she bloody deserves more success . We are blessed she is producing so much good stuff now , Icon , legend doesn’t even cut it , she is beyond all that I’m sorry but she is the best there has ever been , let’s live it with her while she and all of us are still here .
  7. I was disappointed to see this too, I really thought she had this No.1 in the bag after rebel heart f**k up. It will be a battle to say the least
  8. One thing though , why isn’t the video on his channel. As most of us observed before we even heard of Medellin a lot of his videos have a billion views . Wouldn’t it be a good idea to add it to YouTube channel ( to help everyone obviously , not just Madonna )
  9. I too think it will beat BIM , talking of that , if that was trending or did less and got to 88 on hot 100 with Im remembering a lot less streams surely Medellin will chart , no ?? Its gaining everywhere again on iTunes and now rumoured radio adds I think it will .
  10. I think the only way to add sales iTunes wise is if remixes are released and buy them separately ??
  11. You sure ?? I thought I read it was the same as buying a remix of the song ie a sale . Why are they so expensive if they don’t count for anything ?
  12. Ok I’ll say it , I think it’s probably her best video ever . Cannot stop watching
  13. Yes , I think so too . May have been part of the master plan all along . Anyway , it’s great news
  14. Yess. This is great news. go Queen. I am really happy with this !
  15. I want to watch it on mtv for nostalgia sakes of course but just thinking. Wouldn’t the song get a huge stream spike if we watched it on YouTube live ? Sorry I don’t know about these things but if it got an extra million views that way instead of a tv rating wouldn’t that be better ? Maybe a chart expert will know this , apols if I’m wrong category here
  16. Love how honest her work is and always has been . You can hear her speak to you in a song
  17. I agree with you really , just miss those days . Anyway the pr team so far is like it’s 1986 again and I love it , it’s like Christmas everyday waking up to another teaser or snippet and I am loving Medellin . I just have to try get over my obsession with wanting everyone else to hear / see and if I’m honest agree with everything I hear and see . People don’t give her a chance , anyway things are positive and going a million times better than the last two rollouts so let’s enjoy it all together
  18. But in relation to the lack of radio AirPlay , the no chart success , the lacklustre sales in tours , it does all coincide with the year she divorced . Maybe it’s coincidence and it’s just once she turned 50 . I agree I don’t think she will ever leave uk out of tours but I just don’t get how she went from hero ( everything top 3 up to Celebration) to Zero ( nothing charting , no airplay and lesser sales touring) I guess this has happened worldwide but it’s shocking it’s been like a lightswitch . Everything turned to gold til celebration and then .. im just sad I suppose , I used to quote and enjoy and expect if I’m honest she would be successful in uk til the day she stopped recording . It was just great great times. anyway , lamenting over let’s make Medellin a hit . I truly believe it’s got the wings to do something
  19. I really don’t think she’d be going to the bother of the huge countdown to the single on Wednesday , another one with video on launch next Wednesday and a live performance at the billboard awards for the laugh . Not to mention the advertising all over the world . I’m hoping the marketing continues , it’s working well . England fell out with Madonna when she divorced Guy Ritchie which is sad but I really don’t think this is just a “sweet intro” . If rumours are true too there’s no uk date on her tour which is probably fake but it would be a nice two fingers up to the uk . I wouldn’t blame her
  20. Btw way has anybody seen a listing of the mtv video premiere / interview for Wednesday . Still nothing as yet on MTV uk and Ireland so far ?! maybe I’m missing the time ? Is there a length on it ie 30 minute show ?
  21. I’d say there’s something up her sleeve re radio. Maybe along with video release there’ll be some adds . Meanwhile keep YouTubing and streaming people . Plus a remix or two would help sales ?
  22. I don’t claim to know much about the sales and streaming era but is almost 6million views for a song with no video in 2 and a half days quite good ??
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