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  1. Does anybody know what is official site for tickets in Portugal , they don’t seem to have a Ticketmaster , or is it best to try via Madonna.com site for European shows
  2. Same , the Madame X tour pages / forum is gone this past 2 days ? Anyone know what happened?
  3. Read on another forum that Skillet and Jonas Bros are only ones ahead of her in USA pre orders , anybody know who these are ?? Seemingly album is released the week before MX. Bruce is well down on pecking order , now anyhow
  4. Yes I want Medellin , it’s her best song since Hung up , it deserves a European promotion
  5. So the answer remains charts are made up by execs or paid for by artists . Nobody can produce what makes No.1 over No. 8,999,874 in the charts . Fiiiiiiiiiiiiix
  6. This . I think it’s utterly corrupt .its gone from being no.1 on iTunes in every country around the world which equates to no sales and no charting ( MDNA says hi ) to leaving your phone charging whilst playing YouTube ( Bitch I’m madonna says hi ) to having the highest streaming’s figures ( for This era) of her madonnas entire career ever , treble the amount of YouTube views then anything off Rebel heart ( except above mentioned) and this also equates to nothing and chart placing . before anyone says , stop worrying about charts and enjoy era can ANYONE explain how charts are run these days because I do not understand them one bit
  7. It’s the best effect on charts a remix has ever had since hard candy era . Heading back to top 10 worldwide !!! I love the mixes
  8. Medellin 10/10 Crave 10/10 I rise 6/10 ( I heard it all before , heard it all before )
  9. Omg , crave is beautiful. I love it . I was worried when everybody kept comparing it to the music off bedtime stories as that’s my 2nd least favourite album of madonnas after Horrible Candy . Anyway if this was release by anyone else it would be no.1 everywhere . I do still love Medellin but this is equally as good . Still don’t get I rise , that will be skipped
  10. That’s good as he would have been a threat , just bastille and Bruce to beat now for a No.1 debut
  11. It’s not out til tomorrow is it ?
  12. They are good mixes , they should release 2 more , quite a decent effect for a remix almost a month later
  13. I’m kind of baffled too . So Medellin has approx 40m views on YouTube combining audio and billboard , ( living for love has half this nearly 5 years later) , it’s top 40 since day one iTunes, from what I read Spotify streams are ok but a lot lot better than anything off Rebel heart for example so how come this ain’t charting ?? What am I missing ??? Did loving for love and ghosttown sell millions on iTunes , I just don’t remember this
  14. Yes there seems to be interest in the remixes , would it be an idea for her to add a remix video on YouTube even as audio only? Would that count as a stream ? Is that done regularly . Its having a nice spike worldwide and the Sphinx mix is really good
  15. Anybody know when Medellin remixes available to buy on iTunes ? Plus was there any mention of it on midweeks . It’s been static in iTunes for 3 weeks often raising few spots every few days , mean nothing ??
  16. Isn’t it sad that within 21 days the whole era has turned from a generally euphoric and positive hopeful place to all this doom and negativity . I haven’t listened to crave yet but I just feel the tour has put so much sour into the whole era . Believe me I want it to stop and go back to April 20 and I love love love Medellin , I’m in absolute shock and denial that it’s not no.1 everywhere as I believe it really deserves to be . Anyway can I please request we keep the earlier momentum, by not spreading links or surrounding the place with such negativity. Ok the latest 2 songs might not be to people’s taste judging by reactions here but try to remember this amazing campaign and rollout is still by any means spectacular so far . M deserves respect for this at least and she is giving us such good visuals so let’s try to get back on track .
  17. Not a major fan of it , listened twice . Very Rebel heart b side to me . Medellin is by far the superior
  18. Stephen can you determine how well Madame X album is Doing in presales based on I rise being added ? I think someone said they can get good idea of work it out ?
  19. My sentiments too, I try and try to just enjoy her without worrying about charts but just think it’s all so unfair how this isn’t no.1 everywhere . Then there’s the hard work she puts in , it is sad.
  20. Another amazing performance , she knocked it out of the park , no one comes anywhere near her stage presence . A real ICON
  21. Em troll alert people for moderators ? Quoting whitehouse speech as if it’s any way relevant to anything Madonna has done in years .
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