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  1. Yup , same but don’t mention it again in here or you’ll be laughed at and labelled paranoid .
  2. Will do , thanks metalisimo . Your entheusiasm is welcome .
  3. I’d agree with this but true blue and erotica very close 2nd places in 80 and 90s
  4. Absolutely . This has to go down as the most pointless exercise opportunity ever . I was being sarcastic initially saying “so Madonna is arranging a ticketed event in a London theatre just for the hell of it “ and that’s exactly what she did . Like it beggars belief ??! It made ZERO sense
  5. I’m unsure whether “the one show” in the uk has more than 1 viewer but she’s on an interview with Rylan on BBC1 tv in 10 minutes , miniature but may get a few sales ??
  6. All a bit suspect imo but hey it is what it is . The reason I find it strange that he is 16k ahead is the whole day of Friday and into Saturday she was no.1 and obviously that’s not taken into consideration that she may have sold at least 1 phsysical single copy . ??!! Anyway acceptance is key , sad though considering that would have given her the tie with Elvis for most no.1 albums . I honestly never knew Bruce Springsteen was so popular . Course I forgot how “unpopular “ she is with the Brits . They really do not like her considering the Eurovision 2 (GN show) hate towards her .
  7. Again , I thought she was funny on it . Did notice some beef between Ian and her so maybe some sneaky shade in the past or something . Thought she was overall much better than last appearance circa mdna . Twitter is full of keyboard warriors . What are they moaning about , Eurovision again . They’re still pissed off that uk get zero points at that every year .
  8. 47 countries , only 2 its not is Denmark and Ireland , no taste
  9. Yes I love when she’s bitchy but in a nice way ! It’s funny . So nobody we know is going to this to be able to fill us in on what to expect on the show ?? Is bitchy nervous Madonna in the House ? Is she all english roses Madonna ? If I’m Honest I don’t think I’ll watch this if I hear shitty reports or no report ( no fans there) cant deal with another Eurovision hate scenario from general public . Media ban it is for me if I don’t hear anything . It’s filming this afternoon right ?
  10. My fear is dissipating now as a former chart obsessed Madonna fan I was so caught up with her being No.1 everywhere like she has been for over 30 years so now since this whole last month has been low sales speculating , no chart placements for singles , below the “competition” in every iTunes pre sales counts I’m gonna “try” be happy with a top 5 in the uk and us . A month or so ago I couldn’t even write this but it’s sinking in now and it’s actually ok . I’m just really enjoying the acclaim the album is getting ( probably her best in 20 years) the slow but sure presence on streaming and the small steps in billboard with crave and Medellin . Last but not least the music , I’m so excited to hear it , blare it , share it ,so my doom and gloom over charts is slowly reailising . I’m also hopeful of a positive few weeks ahead with the interviews etc . She deserves a break from the hating . Anything here on now will be a bonus.
  11. True , I would probably be same . But I’m sure M would appreciate some screaming too . Have a ball tomorrow night . Wish I was going
  12. Can you offer link to get this version , searched on Amazon and can’t find it ??
  13. Is anyone here attending ? If any of you are can I plead with you to clap or at least make some noise for her . The “fans” at the MTV Medellin launch and Eurovision were positively mute . You could hear a pin drop . They obviously were just passers by as there were no fans making any noise at all . Begging The lucky ones that got accepted for this to please show her some love . Those last 2 appearances were cringe in their silences .
  14. I had same question as above . Been told my albums coming in mail in the morning , I presume these all count ?? How come I’m getting it before release day .
  15. Jlo has something like 150million followers , does she sell more than 10 records per release ? No . Social media = nothing for some stars . I just think it’s so sad the measure of success these days is based on how long you charge a telephone playing free videos on YouTube . I miss the days when buying something meant something . Oh well it is what it is
  16. Guys just to say none of those Spotify accounts can be used or work as they all send links to the personal email accounts to verify who you are .
  17. Let’s agree to disagree Samo, I think there is huge excitement and it’s at fever pitch this era . Yes Eurovision hampered it in a big way but compared to Rebel heart this feels like Confessions era to me . The great reviews , the performances , everything . when Rebel heart was released , for me it was like “oh is it out tomorrow ?” , like a damp squib. While I love Ellen , nobody watches it outside us and then half the album was out 4 months before in December . I don’t recall all these countdowns , videos , ads on Instagram for Rebel heart but maybe there was ? I just think it’s much more genuinely exciting this time around , maybe something to do with time of year too being mid summer ( although the weather would disagree there !!) plus you can’t compare views of dark ballet and crave to living for love . One is out 3 days and living for love has taken 5 years to get what Medellin Did in a week !! Spotify is at her highest also , ok she’s no Ed sheeran and Crave is biggest hit since power of goodbye (1999) on billboard ac. I think she’s doing ok
  18. But that’s the point , with RH she was everywhere and nowhere . I prefer the visuals this time , the look is more prominent , the old school advertising in posters in train stations , there’s 3 full music videos (rh had lfl which was watched by like 3 people) . I know there’s still no chart action but I just think this era is profoundly superior . The revealing of the album title via Instagram was a fun way of introducing the era too I thought , everything was planned to the last dot with videos or a single each week and it’s all gone amazing except for Eurovision ( which was her version of the Brits this era ) plus most importantly all the reviews are like 5* or universally acclaimed ( and giving average scores ?!) the only thing I’m not impressed with is we’ve had 5 songs ( ok 2 official) but no remixes ????? What’s that all about . 2 Medellin ones did great , I’m shocked they’re not peddling a few out for Crave and at least 6 more for Medellin . Anyway 50 hours to go , it’s been 5 long years and I can’t wait
  19. She really is and what’s great this era , there’s things planned beyond release week . We have pride , interviews , that bloody drag queen video although I’m beginning to think that’s all an enigma , potentially the duet with Anita . It’s all good , promo probably most on point of her entire career imo
  20. Gonna have some drinks Thursday night then at midnight gonna blare this mother f**king album to space . Watch out neighbours you’re in for a surprise . Then will probably drunk purchase another copy or bundle from her store . Can’t wait . Only about 70hours to go !!!
  21. Just read on NegativeTribe that the q and a session with graham is indeed a separate programme but won’t be filmed nor televised so I find this The most pointless exercise ever !! so We’re expected to believe Madonna has just decided to have a live audience chatting with her fans for the hell of it , just sit down and chat . This cannot be true seriously???
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