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  1. 18. Back that up to the beat 17. Ciao bella 16. I rise 15. Butaka 14. Bitch I’m loca 13. Future 12.faz agostozo 11.god Control 10. Dark ballet 9. I d s I Find 8. Extreme Occident 7.funana 6. Killers who are partying 5. Come Alive 4. Crazy 3. Medellin 2. Crave 1. Looking for Mercy
  2. Looks like I’m mystic meg it seems Crave is going to radio on Friday and launching as 2nd single , in Europe at least . I think it has a chance of airplay
  3. Crave is top 10 on AC radio in USA , really don’t get why they couldn’t get this listed on bbc radio 2 . I understand we may be trying to sell a dead horse but was it Medellin and out ?!! I know there’s been 5 videos but I thought at least one push for a 2nd single would have happened
  4. Love the visuals you made , nothing could top the original though ( sorry !)
  5. I’m surprised , I mean disappointed this has not been sent to radio in uk . I think radio 2 would play this a lot . Such a great song again being ignored
  6. Wow , what a beautiful stunning vision of a video . It’s actually turning my opinion on the song , I’m getting into it now . It’s really lifted the song for me . 10/10 video M. Hope people watch it .
  7. It’s reduced on amazon and full price on iTunes hence the swap in iTunes/ real charts
  8. Love Funana, definitely deserves an upgrade from bonus to standard album placing . Could easily replace I rise , batuka or bitch I’m loca
  9. Stop giving attention to the loser looking for likes who paid the homeless lady to write ageist comments .
  10. “It’s a long day “ “it’s a long day” repeat x 15 yaaaawn
  11. Future , batuka and I rise are my skips on Madame X . Don’t get why this song is getting video treatment above Looking for Mercy , come Alive or crazy or even the streaming fav Faz
  12. Definitely her best song off any album in a very long time . The beat behind the verses are just so beautiful.
  13. Thank you @curtains generally happy with the running , would have loved if Looking for Mercy was Top as it really is fast becoming one of my favourite Madonna songs of all time , it’s just epic. Running is mainly in line with my votes bar my love for Funana , can’t believe you all think it’s worse than bitch I’m loca , back up to beat , batuka and ciao Bella . Anyway I’ll live , #justiceforlookingformercy. Btw great to see future and I rise near end of pile , they’re not loved in general at all
  14. Already pissed off , funana is brilliant and way better than biloca and the 2 duds break the beat up and ciao Bella . Not happy
  15. Thanks for arranging this , hope there's some shocks in there !
  16. Oh ok thanks , such an annoying element to the whole album is the rant . Crazy annoying . So now she’s bitching about Madonna . Wowza . Some people ...
  17. Agree , I think Ariana is genuine . Be-yawn-ce would never step outside of her comfort blanket . Never got her . Probably most overrated artist of all time . Taylor and Katy well yes I think they secretly want her to go away and will never have the balls to say or do anything controversial beyond using a plastic straw in a milkshake .
  18. I just want to add I’m really enjoying this moment in this #MadameX era . The god control video is having the opposite effect of backlash and all I’m reading is positivity and real praise and claim for her bravery . It’s made me even more proud to be her fan and the comments are coming from unusual people and sections it’s been really nice .So maybe it will do nothing for the single or zero sales for the album but I’m enjoying this moment for what it is . Bravo M , AGAIN
  19. Just EPIC. Hope more than us fans see it . Amazingly powerful
  20. Thanks , I’m guessing in 56mins it’s premiering if it’s like the past rollout
  21. Changes daily but right now; Medellin crazy crave come alive looking for Mercy
  22. Flip the switch and crystal coffin the biggest bullies in here. I’ve already been called paranoid and ridiculous for mentioning that I hoped the recording of graham norton went down well. Look how that ended up. It seems there’s always a few longer termers on this forum that don’t like discussion or others having an opinion that differs from their own. Bat fan I find your posts always interesting and I agree I do think god control was ready way before now .
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