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  1. It's great to see that schools can be on top of situations, and handle them before crazy events happen.
  2. I wonder who's orchestrating this? Is this all Trump? Or is Kanye genuinely interested in pursuing this?
  3. No. Because it's a pretty comprehensive box-set that encompasses 10 albums of work. It's a solid release that's worth the money (for the fans that is). I wonder who's next for this treatment....Kajagoogoo? Jody Watley?
  4. Shame on SNL for giving him a stage to showcase these stupid antics.
  5. It's very silly. Disgusting. Do people still wear Burberry anymore?
  6. Completely agree. My favorite sirius radio station is 1st wave. Would love for this sound to make a comeback!
  7. I was playing a new music playlist on Spotify this morning and screamed in confusion and excitement when Black Sweat came on! They literally have everything except The Most Beautiful Girl in the World....
  8. I guess if you are a guy and wear a bathing suit like that there, you have to keep your shirt on??
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