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  1. It would never happen lol
  2. It's great to see that schools can be on top of situations, and handle them before crazy events happen.
  3. shelita-buffet

    Kanye West

    I wonder who's orchestrating this? Is this all Trump? Or is Kanye genuinely interested in pursuing this?
  4. I just want to yank on her hair, I can not stand her!
  5. shelita-buffet

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

    I agree completely with everything you said.
  6. shelita-buffet

    Rebel Heart backdrops are leaking!

    Same! Is there any decent fan footage that showcases the falling statues well?
  7. shelita-buffet

    2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

    As is her work with the band!
  8. No. Because it's a pretty comprehensive box-set that encompasses 10 albums of work. It's a solid release that's worth the money (for the fans that is). I wonder who's next for this treatment....Kajagoogoo? Jody Watley?
  9. shelita-buffet

    Rebel Heart backdrops are leaking!

    Still no Iconic?
  10. shelita-buffet

    Loca Please World Tour 2019 discussion

    If it's true that there's arenas booked in France of Sept/Oct of next year, can we assume she's starting the tour in Europe in the fall? I guess what i'm getting at is trying to figure out if this will be a summer tour or fall tour?
  11. shelita-buffet

    Kanye West

    Shame on SNL for giving him a stage to showcase these stupid antics.
  12. shelita-buffet

    Loca Please World Tour 2019 discussion

    Maybe she's not looking to perform at arenas?
  13. shelita-buffet

    80s New Wave

    One of my all time favorites:
  14. shelita-buffet

    MDNA tour

    Great visuals and outfits. But too many album cuts.
  15. It's very silly. Disgusting. Do people still wear Burberry anymore?
  16. shelita-buffet

    80s New Wave

    Completely agree. My favorite sirius radio station is 1st wave. Would love for this sound to make a comeback!
  17. shelita-buffet

    Blond Ambition Japan or Nice concert film?

    I read on Madonna-Infinity that a Canadian date from Girlie Show is making the rounds among collectors. Oh a gay boy could dream to see another GST show in full!!
  18. shelita-buffet


    Have you listened?
  19. shelita-buffet

    Is Girlie Show her best ever?

    Absolutely fabulous.
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  21. shelita-buffet


    Only Prince can do Prince.
  22. If you want a plastic face, then you need plastic hair.
  23. shelita-buffet

    Michael Jackson

  24. shelita-buffet

    Why don’t we already

    If Rupaul can have a pop-up shop in Hollywood, so can Madonna. I wish they could see the brilliance in these type of things!