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  1. I dare say had she been on an arena WORLD tour the promo would have been more substantial, let's face it the returns on record sales verse the amount of promotion seem redundant, for any artist based on the decimation of the recording industry. I really wonder what's to come regarding future albums unless there is a huge investment for Madonna's streaming returns, I can only imagine the state of record sales in four or five years for physical/digital (real) sales for ALL artists. I guess with Madonna she is one of the few truly 'global' artists who has returns in every major market. I have sai
  2. The music industry as WE know it is DEAD, albums just do not sell anymore.
  3. Isn't it number 7 on real sales Madonna's audience will NEVER stream its never going to happen she missed the boat they NEVER invested in her digital side.
  4. None of it matters, the whole she is popular here not popular there, Madonna is quite simply STILL... The Most Famous Woman In The World... If she never made another piece of art again, what she delivered today is quite simply enough, MASTERPIECE.
  5. I don't think she dislikes her back catalogue, I think its more love/hate and she plays on that because it keeps us all on edge. The success of ROL and Music put her in this weird head space of 'I'm too cool for school' she knew she could produce traditionally non commercial music and still sell however that's a fine balancing act particularly on tour, causal fans NEED the hits. Madonna makes it hard for herself at times and 'cuts her nose off to spite her face' to missed opportunities particularly over that past decade by ignoring her back catalogue, I think with more attention to her back ca
  6. AUSTRALIA # 2 behind Bruce Springsteen, wow he really out gunned her!!!! It wasn't Fathers Day in Australia, that falls in September here.
  7. DOES any of it REALLY MATTER!!! Madonna IS the MOST FAMOUS woman in the world.. STILL!!!! After the HORRENDOUS media smear over the last few years notably the last decade she can still dominate in an industry that is dying when it comes to record sales. Madame X is a STELLAR album and will be remembered as such and will like go down as a cult album loved by fans in the twilight of her career. Madonna has made the music she will be remembered for 1982 - 2005, let's be honest REALLY remembered. This album and anything that is to follow is icing on the cake. I do BELIEVE in my soul (dramatic yes
  8. Thanks for your response, really informative. I agree Ms huge success is the barometer that is used against her, not fair and the media know it. How could she possibly compete against her zenith with the music industry in such decline since digital and streaming took over, your right about MJ selling more than M if measured today however I think that is due to one being a risk taker and prepared to sacrifice commercial success versus a talent that would rely on similar styles album after album, there is safety in the familiar. Madonna has been the victim of an ongoing perfect storm since Hard
  9. I wonder had MJ lived and without the scandals would he suffer the same amount of scrutiny for every release? Would sales for MJ and Madonna be similar, if I remember MJ albums prior to his death were selling less and less, I mean it’s the only fair comparison apples and apples? The real spanner in the works for Madonna has been digital downloads, she is such a physical artist, imagine the thousands of copies she doesn’t sell because of digital, either illegal or people buying select songs, also Madonna was NEVER established as a streaming artist, Guy let her down in this format.
  10. But why can’t she sustain she’s freaking Madonna, overnight after Hard Candy it literally changed.. I get she is older, streaming, bad PR etc etc, I truely believe the Warner’s decision and the repercussions over an extended period killed her as a commercial artist, how do you go from selling millions with COADF to almost a million per album since. Is she that hated now days?
  11. Mx is now number 10 iTunes US and UK that’s not great, she has so much trouble sustaining these days, why is that? The media latch on and run with it saying album is a flop bla bla I don’t understand that as soon as her albums are released it’s radio silence from her label in terms of marketing, she needs its.. I am in Australia and have not seen one TV advert or poster around the streets, is it because the material is so different? Has she alienated her fan base over last decade? I know its just an iTunes chart but it is a barometer of what is happening sales wise.. god she needs a new strate
  12. I guess a single officially is a video, radio edit shipped to radio stations, remixes and concentrated performances. How GC was not the first single is beyond my comprehension with Faz in the Latin market as first single. So many bad decisions over the last 10 years have all had a small contribution to her current commercial status with album and singles sales.
  13. Madonna MUST release GOD CONTROL as a SINGLE the world needs to hear this masterpiece, please tell me its true the video in the theatre is for this art piece. I think with an amazing radio edit, which would be hard to do being such a complex song along with the club remix, I mean WOW. She should strike NOW while the iron is hot, maybe be its me but that disco hook just hits the soul.
  14. Its not a Madonna thing its a record industry thing, I think she will ultimately sell more than Rebel Heart overall. We have to compare apples with apples, Madonna's team DO need to be stronger after the release in weeks 2-4 and they need to really work on her digital and streaming market. I think we can all agree the last 10 years have been tough on Madonna, PR overall and reception to her output of new music and ultimately leaving Warner's, such a mistake to leave. I would love to know what is happening in an alternate universe where M is still with Warner's but with same releases, it would
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