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  1. Exactly. It's not like a FOX news newspaper, NYT is very liberal
  2. I do? I love Madonna, I'm just pointing out things she said IN THE PAST, I get that she may not feel this way in 2019 but from my own personal experience, women generally don't support and hate on other women. Men ALWAYS stick together and have their buddies back no matter what, third wave feminists need to look at how they treat fellow women before blaming the "patriarchy"
  3. You mean LIBERAL men, who've written tons of pro women stuff in their magazine and paper? Again it's between Madonna and the journalist
  4. I also majored in journalism, the NYT is very prestigious and the writer ALWAYS gets final say in how she wants her "piece" to come out, so it definitely focused on her age, but that was the FEMALE WRITER'S intent and angle all along
  5. We get it, you don't think women can inform opinions themselves or likes or dislikes, you don't see them as having their OWN opinion and own agenda
  6. Mind you this is the same Madonna who whined in 1991 while making A League of Their Own that it was a huge mistake to do a movie with a predominantly female cast and director and that she would never make that mistake again and that she prefers to work on location with mostly men And whom.when promoting Evita did a TV Interview in Spain and Madonna said "thank God, the woman isn't here, I didn't like the questions she asked me the last time you guys interviewed me". And the male interviewer apologized for the rude questions the woman asked presumably a few years prior while being interviewed for the show and Madonna responded "You don't have to apologize, SHE asked those questions".
  7. It's an EXTREMELY liberal magazine, a woman wrote and filed the article and put in it EXACTLY what SHE wanted to say. Madonna's beef is with the FEMALE writer End of
  8. Thank you, somebody gets it The Madonna of 20, even 10 years ago would of never posted that nonsense. She would of taken it up with the writer woman to woman.
  9. A woman wrote the article, because many people believe women are still oppressed, that mean's they shouldn't be held accountable for their actions? If that's the case then gays can act like assholes 24/7, we'll just blame the "patriarchy" No accountability
  10. Doesn't matter, a WOMAN still took it upon themselves to write it. It's called accountability Madonna didn't like the profile written by a woman, I don't blame her after reading it, but she attacks men???? That's like it we don't like Madonna's new Album, let's blame men and scream "Down with the Patriarchy"! Third Wave feminism folks
  11. Also the article was written by a WOMAN. So the "down with the patriarchy" stuff made ZERO sense, it's like Madonna's is kind of implying that women can't form their own opinions and despite a woman doing the profile piece, men were still.involved because a woman can't possibly do it in her own! Not very "feminist"
  12. Not really. She was on HUNDREDS of covers all over the world for Rebel Heart. All About Madonna website is a GREAT place to look at all her covers, they have a great collection
  13. Does this mean that she might be on the July 2019 cover of the US Vanity Fair too?
  14. Don't even. Madonna is way too intelligent and actually IS NOT filled with hate than to get caught up with that SJW clusterfuck They're as hateful as hardcore republicans
  15. Well then they're not gonna like anything Madonna releases then Typical hypocritical SJW:. "I stand for love and hate Trump and am Against racism, and homophobia and I'm a feminist too! SJW on Madonna:. " Fuck that old ass, privileged white woman, she's a slut too!"
  16. The Telegraph took the time to mention that she hasn't had a top 10 hit in the UK since 2009, when they review fellow legend's Bruce Springsteen's new Album, I'm SURE they'll take the time to mention that he hasn't had a top 10 hit in the UK since 1994, that's how it works right????
  17. But Radio 2 has been playing Medillin a lot and they're owned by Radio 1, so it makes no sense He kinda shaded Radio 2....
  18. Because Madonna is still... RELEVANT and they know they'll get press for it but if you replace Madonna with any other legend, they wouldn't get nowhere near they amount if press because they're not as relevant as Madonna I mean, did anybody care about Aretha Franklin for YEARS before her death, was she even known in the UK?
  19. Cher did Pride though right? It doesn't have the end of your career stigma it once had
  20. She mentioned the album, Give Me All Your Luvin, Superbowl performance etc during those interviews. Jay Leno show had a copy of the MDNA CD and mentioned the albums release date as part of his introduction of her, it counts. Graham Norton, Anderson, Cynthia McFaden interviews all talked about MDNA at length, Cynthia even aired footage of Madonna in the studio with MIA
  21. Also streaming is included now and Springteen, whom I love, had TERRIBLE streaming numbers, like horrible. Madonna is a streaming beast compared to him LOL
  22. Yes I hear you, I think I'm frustrated the most because this is her MOST visual era of her career, she adapted a new persona, with it being such a visual era, Madonna should be doing the most photo shoots, video shoots, performances etc to sell these personas So again it makes no sense that she hasn't done much of anything to showcase this, this is not a typical Madonna era, this is an era that's very visual by design thanks to the Madame X persona So she should be doing the MOST promo of her career to sell it
  23. Really? HC was the 9th top selling Album of 2008 Worldwide with 4 million sold and even MDNA managed to become the 12th top selling album worldwide of 2012 with 2 million sold We would LOVE those numbers with MX
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