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  1. I don't follow those acts so I wouldn't know I still don't feel she did enough for the album I'm not being overdramatic, I'm passionate, like when the Cowboys, my favorite football team, lost that game they should have won two weeks ago and I was posting, "Fire Garrett" , their head coach all over social media Same with Guy O. Fire him
  2. Yes and TB and possibly LAP probably would have been nominated, had that category existed at the time
  3. Dude, I'm still waiting for her actual promotional campaign for the album to kick off.... Oh wait nevermind
  4. Ok well since everyone is a above charts and awards, then the chart section should be removed on here Since we're so hip and "above it all"
  5. Crazy For You and Papa Don't Preach got major Grammy nods for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance of 1985 and 1986 There was no Best Pop Album category until 1994 or dance categories
  6. And I backed up my claim that it's a "visual album" in that the album's success lie in the visual MX personas, you know that except for that damn eye patch, we never get to see any of them, so the point was Madonna? It's her job to get it out , her music that she worked so hard on, to as many people as possible The Madonna of 83/84 would have never allowed this, she made sure everyone knew her And I stand that she needs to fire Guy, get actual publicity team (this Novak person that was suppose to rehabilitate her PR , hasn't done jack shit) and invest her OWN MONEY in the future of her career if she wants to be thought of as current, who h according to the Billboard interview, she doe Oh and get back on a real record label And stop releasing albums in the Spring and going into tour rehearsals right away, PROMOTE it for months, release I October/November, start the PR the summer before, promote until March the following year and then begin tour rehearsals Basically the COADF, 2005-2006 promo strategy
  7. Yes but what's the point of working hard for your art, when you don't get it out to the masses? Imagine all the iconic moments of her career, WITHOUT the masses picking up on it and without that great promo that she USED to have They wouldn't be iconic The end
  8. I said it's a visual album just as Madonna is a visual artist in that, she's playing different personas on the album, that make up Madame X, not in that she was gonna make a video for every song type visual album... It's all pointless now anyway, 98% of the general public have no idea about the album or that she's even on tour, her career, legacy and lack of PR push has been an absolute DISGRACE in the last 10 years There's no other way to put it It's like a nightmare you can't wake up from Ashame because RH and MX are good albums
  9. Yup Imagine if Ray of Light had the same "promotional strategy" (cough, cough) as MX? Just drop the album after a handful of TV interviews and two performances WORLDWIDE on TV and then immediately go to your rehearsals and not give a single interview or photoshoot for the remainder of 1998.... No TV specials, big magazine covers, awards appearances, etc
  10. Where was this promo? ONE US tv performance and ONE in Europe, 2 talk show spots WITHOUT performing, 3 radio interviews and a handful of TV interviews during a press junket... Oh a British Vogue cover and a free , insert New York Times magazine cover.... That's considered 10 times promo? How, where???
  11. And another thing, since YOU brought up Hard Candy Warner's pushed the hell out of 4M at radio and Madonna gave DOZENS of US radio interviews for it, she gave like 3 I think for MX, so Madonna didn't have to do a million live performances, not to mention the song was used in Sunsilk commercials, one that premiered during the 2008 Superbowl and it worked and received 3 Grammy nominations, the album did Knowing that radio won't touch her new stuff and her so called label won't push her , you would think that would push her to PROMO like crazy Where's the Sunsilk commercial type tie in, where's the radio deal, where is Madonna giving radio interviews to EVERY major radio station that could potentially play her? She did it for 4M That drive is no longer there
  12. Hard Candy got promo and spent like 37 weeks on the charts, which is more than her last 3 albums COMBINED It did well, #9 top selling album of 2008 worldwide of course it was coming off the COADF high
  13. What promotional strategy? This is one of her least promoted albums ever Barely any magazine covers, no interviews for the tour or tour rehearsals, nothing A dinky 30 minute documentary just tossed , without promo, on Amazon. She could have done a major two hour documentary film and promoted it's release as well Rebel Heart had an EXCELLENT promo campaign Hell even MDNA had a better promo push than MX I still have yet even really SEEN all those MX personas she was carrying on about Well you barely do any photo shoots anymore... For such a so called visual album A huge fail...
  14. Her PR is a disaster, she barely promotes and goes right into tour rehearsals and forgets she released an album I mean, knowing radio won't play her new stuff, why didn't she herself pay for a radio deal for Medillian, why didn't she do more performances or promo? Why didn't she have a popular TV series, movie or commercial use the song ? That fire is long gone, been gone since Confessions Shit management, non existent PR, legacy severely damaged the last 10 years etc FIRE GUY FIRE GUY FIRE GUY Go back to a REAL record label too
  15. Like every female pop artist in her age range, sometimes younger I like the album but don't post much on here because of the negativity and to tell you the truth, i am EXTREMELY unhappy with the piss poor Promo for this album The RH promo was great but for MX it was pretty bad/non existent
  16. ALL MTV channels played Madonna leading up to the Medilian premiere, there were even commercials for it and her videography, there were videos played that I hadn't seen in years and I have about 12 one hour video thons Madonna specials saved on my DVR from April from MTV Classic and regular MTV
  17. I don't know, Ray of Light, Power Of Goodbye, Beautiful Stranger,American Pie, Music, Don't Tell Me, Die Another Day and 4 Minutes, were all pretty big hita at US radio that Madonna had at 40 plus Me Against the Music and Hung Up were moderately successful at US radio She just no longer had non stop US radio hits like she did in the 80s and 90s but that is EVERYBODY in their 40s, in fact Madonna has more radio hits at US radio in her 40s than any other female artist. Tina Turer had about 6 radio hits in her 40s, Cher had about 4, Whitney, Janet, Celine and Mariah ,0
  18. The Monkees and all those artists were in their 40s in the 80s though. Madonna had a BUNCH of hits and MTV support in her 40s
  19. It's actually a woman! I thought it was a guy I am so old and out of it. LOL
  20. Uh ALL MTV channels in the US played nonstop Madonna 24/7 the week leading up to the Medillan video premiere I would not comment if you are not in the US
  21. Exactly. And I dont even know who that Billie Eilish dude is Off to Google him... ..
  22. Nice and thanks for posting but isn't Gags on the cover of that Issue? It will stop me from buying it
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