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  1. guys we've been here before. anyone remember MTV vma's 1998? less than a year after the amazing Oprah performance. shes one of the best performers of all time----she has put herself out there so much that she is bound to have a tumble--but she carries on .... puts on her crown. i think it was a mistake to do eurovison but in heinsight was a great opportunity - she messed up, i blame her. met gala like a prayer performance repeat (sounded worse) and Future? there is no melodic madonna in that song although its not bad...crave would have been more suitable---who cares if your duet partner isnt around they are not going to be part of her theater tour anyway. I blame her but I respect her because she works hard and is one of the best ever
  2. there is a stage it is my cage flowers are blue and the jews are after you but dont hesiate lets liberate roses are red all my idols are dead
  3. love the song...so far all the tracks are delicious. I am a proud Madonna fan ---still bringing the goods
  4. McExcuse me? I have been playing a lot and its in my head. best new song since Hung Up
  5. i am not sure about the covers...the standard cover is the most interesting but still meh...the blonde one is too RH for me--not innovating or creative --i love her face but its photoshopped to hell and she did that on the previous 2 albums. the 3rd one shes giving Instagram eyes and it doesn't work. she looks great here...different background maybe different instrument but you see more of her and in a flattering way.
  6. maybe it was the original title or working title. I liked it because its one word 2 syllables and the theme of magic hasnt been done by her but Madam X is growing on me, like the new song, i feel shes got a clear direction and persona ---i just cant stand the eye patch and cowboy veil
  7. at first listen i was slightly disappointed because Mulama dominates the song and madonna's auto tune again doesnt sound intentional but needed -which if you listen to Evita soundtrack you'd understand she doesnt need that shit. also it takes a while for the song to show itself---theres no hit you over the head 'madonna hook' After 2nd and 3rd listen I got into it and enjoyed the flow and vibe of the song. I love that its 6 mins long too. I thinks its a fantasic summer song and I think sets the stage for the vibe of album overall. the non fans talking shit are doing it becauses its madonna---if ariana grande came out with this, it'd be #1 in a minute.
  8. dont burst everyone's bubble! This era is different from the last three---no mainstream U.S. features, there is a musical influence/theme AND image that seems solid, Mirwais, NO LEAKS---shes being risky in a way that doesnt seem pandering... lets listen, absorb and then whine.... by only complain is the cover is RH to me...very similar.
  9. i dont do apple---android all the way. is Spotify the best ranking app? i'll sign up for ONE extra streaming service- i dont have madonna money after all
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