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  1. So amazing. I cried each Times i have played it. One of the best videos ever imo
  2. I can' t even remember , maybe ROL ? And this time it is not only about the number, but the quality is on point, as i consider the rating of Mme X videos as: Medellin 10/10 , Dark Ballet 10/10 , Crave 8/10. From the Deeper & Deeper vibe , and the politic message GC seems amazing
  3. Someone should turn {{ She is dead now }} into a meme asap.
  4. I looooove this one. This is the song that allways dares me to resist to sing-along. I fail each time
  5. I did not get why is mandatory to have unfavorites. For me the 15 tracks Deluxe is perfection , even the weaker tracks works great as part of the album. The only ones that did not impress me much are the bonus tracks. They are nice but not infintite loops quality like the album. This is i think the first album that i listen begining to end since Coadf, i mean all artists
  6. Superbly written, superbly produced, and superbly sung. Reminds me a bit of Live to tell soundwise
  7. - Esther do you like the music ? Esther fake sleep to avoid answearing
  8. I' ve read on The Invented that this is the most downloaded ringtone of alarm clock . Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up . Kidding aside this that kind of song that unconsciously, i start to hum as i progress trough my daily bizs
  9. I think M's voice really shines trough this one.
  10. The final song is so pomped up , that it makes the demo sound like an amish hwo is vegan basicness
  11. Amazing song. Gladly it has nothing to do with differents renditions of Ciao Bella that circulated between EU Latin countries
  12. Batuka is a big surprise, mesmerisingly interesting and hypnotic. Reminds me of Push a bit.
  13. I would have sweard that Bitch is a Diplo track.
  14. i have gipsy blood. IDSIF is Madonna' s essence !
  15. Back that up is really strong as a demo, so i am waiting and and anticipating for it. But not hesitating tho
  16. Plus the way she speaks about it in some clips, make it seems it was alongside Beautiful Game the birthplace of Madame X. She said smth along the lines : didn't know how Mirwais would respond to me, so i sent him this portuguese guitar and he replied with a full production in a day or smth
  17. Sonicaly it is really a ear-candy. The theme of the song is at least for me very relevant. Every time i read / hear etc about injustice inflicted upon a person or group of persons, i identify with their feelings trough empathy, so their rage is my rage. When directed at me, I RISE ABOVE IT
  18. My albums rankings I. Madame X II. LAP, ROL, MUSIC, COADF III. AL, BS, EROTICA IV. OTHERS
  19. My official review. This is based on snippet , released tracks and what else is outhere. Imho the most predominant sound of this album is deep bass and synth, with various global influences breaking away from this formula. 01. Medellìn (Madonna & Maluma) 10/10 Beatifull, nostalgic, emotional . The song changes gears seamlessly as it oscilates from ray-of-lightish aproach of the verses to catchy choruses. Sleak production make this a standout of a first single. Smart choice to make it the amiral ship of the bunch, as it does the best marriage of the main two album directions . The video is trully epic featuring even outdoor scenes, a rare treat. 02. Dark Ballet 10/10 EXperimental and heartfelt. Subtle changes made from beatiful game : the adding of hmm, yeah in the second verse worked really well. 03. God Control 10/10 If you add politics,disco , violins, choir, clunky rap, and bunch of great mellodies you get pop perfection. 04. Future (feat. Quavo) 7/10 This reggae piece, has highs an lows. Liked the ESC live rendition of the song. The beat is like nowhere to be found, but the trompets make up for it. A bit repetitive. 05. Batuka 9/10 Great energy 06. Killers Who Are Partying 9/10 Someone said that one of the Madame x actualy feats a piece of this. Experimental ballad that turns into ear candy production wise. 07. Crave (feat. Swae Lee) 10/10 Softdonna at it best. Very Bedtime Sories era smothness. Raw emotions spike trough song tight shape. 08. Crazy 9/10 Ariana Grande kind of song where Madonna show it s strenghts: making a rathr banal song in a unique piece, with the help of her voice. The cra-a-a-a-a-a-zy and lo-o-o-o-o-ca parts are beatifully sung. The cherry on the top is the portuguese spoken part 09. Come Alive 9/10 Seems like a romantic number. Reminds of Queens and bodyshop wich can only be a good thing. 10. Extreme Occident 9/10 Easy Ride of 2019. Electro ballad right down my thirsty ears. 11. Faz Gostoso (feat. Anitta) 7/10 A good twerk . The only thing wrong with it is that is on an album packed with masterpieces. 12. Bitch I’m Loca (feat. Maluma) 9/10 Thsi the Diplo of the dancefloor some fans desired. Wish granted. 13. I Don’t Search I Find 10/10 People link it to other eras but i will out it like this : The essence of Madonna. At 4 minutes it seams short, it should have been 15 minutes long in order to spare us of hittinh repeat repeat repeat 14. Looking For Mercy Do not know much about it 15. I Rise 10/10 Great empowerement song. So many hooks trough the song. Best album closer since Voices. After Coadf, i only cared for a half of the tracks from each album. Add in 2-3 demos from each era and i could say i got around 7-8 songs that became my classics. But to have the an album of not a single skipper-filler song after so many years, i think i am dreaming and need to pinch myself. I think comercial succes will not surrond this album , because Madonna is no longer in the atention of GP. This should have been released after COADF. She is somehow seen as trendchaser . This time, albeit a litle too late, she searched the core of hwo the Madonna brand is in music and went it. Madame x is a Madonna classic, and time will pass this will be remembered as legendary.
  20. My guts were telling me that DB is going to be the bomb. And the reveal came and it is. The dress she wears is maybe the same as the met gala 2018, so she has been siting on this for a hole year. It feels like this is where the Madame X era began to take shape.
  21. Silly question : Is this the disco stomper with the drag queen video ?
  22. words can not express the level of amazement. Madame X is shaping to be a masterpiece. Career hilghlight album so far for me .
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