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  1. Problem is; people tend to feel for her and think she's become a patsy and being used. It's also been noted that she''s undermining the President on many cases, like for instance, going to these Juvenile centers. The jacket has been dismissed because she only wore it when getting on the plane, knowing the media was there. She switched out of it once on the plane.
  2. XXBrendonXX

    Janelle Monae

    I concur! I didn't pay much mind to her until this album release and now I'm going back and enjoying her older music as well. But this new album really stands out.
  3. That would be so awesome. Two great songs that seem forgotten!
  4. Unfortunately, she is getting a pass on this. I agree it's quite tone deaf to wear this even if she really was wearing it to send a message to the press. It appears she's worn it again today.
  5. WOW! So I purposely chose a FOX report on this to see their point of view: So if anyone is trying to say, "let's focus on the issues, not her wardrobe", then why the hell wear something that says something like that. I mean, c'mon? What do you think people are going to think after what's gone down with the Immigration issue: Children being taken away from their parents? You can't expect people aren't going to NOT say anything about this. Who goes around wearing something like that if they don't want people to talk about it? Up until now, I just thought Melania was just a naive puppet in all of this, but no more.
  6. XXBrendonXX

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    The extreme right will say just about anything won't they? Ann Coultier (vile woman) claims the children are all "actors". Maybe she needs to visit these facilities to see for herself this is real. Knowing her, she will still claim it's all fake. Idiots!!
  7. XXBrendonXX

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Yep! He's left people outraged, blaming the Democrats, so he can swoop in and claim he's fixed it. When all he's going to do is follow the same policy that was in place before without separating the children. And his dulltard of followers will eat it up! #trumpforpesident2020 I think I'm gonna be sick!! 🤢
  8. XXBrendonXX

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    The resistance is building. Let's hope those who have short attention spans stick with it and not bashed protesters. Also, I hope the protests are peaceful or it will defeat the purpose. No doubt, there will be some who will rip into the protestors anyway.
  9. XXBrendonXX

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Unfortunately, that's him in a nutshell. When I heard him stand there and tell reporters that it's "all on the democrats" and make the excuse "10 democrats" are keeping this from changing, I thought, what a load of Bologna! And any humane person could see by blaming this on the previous administration is pure nonsense since the previous administration did not cage and separate the children from their parents. This is all a game to him. It's sick and it sickens me to know some are defending it, thinking this is the way to go to "make America great again!" Ugh!! It was far greater than what is now before that blowtard entered the White House!!
  10. XXBrendonXX

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Speaking as an American, much of the country is disgusted and outraged over this. Unfortunately, this asswipe of a president wants to stand there and point fingers at the Democrats, while acting like he has no power to change it. "It's all on the "Democrats", he says. 10 fucking Democrats are keeping it from being changed. Trump and his minions are sticking to that story, claiming they are following a law that's been put in place by the previous administration. Okay, so if that's true, then why is it now we're caging and separating the children from parents? Under the previous administration, a lot of people were kicked out the country, but there was no separating families and caging kids! I call it pure political bullshit. This is definitely on Trump and his goofy ass policy, so he can play the blame game and continue to smear the opposing party. You can't tell me a man (and his joke of a lawyer) who claims to have the power to pardon himself or get away with shooting someone in the middle of the street, can't fix this? This is beyond Party lines. This is cruel and inhumane. It sickens me to see anyone who defends Trumps words over this (and almost anything else he spills from his mouth). I do know that some of the most powerful Republicans are working hard to turn this around. That's a good sign, but for now it's not good enough!! A part of me really feels that before things get better, it has to get worse. I feel we're at our worst. I'm ashamed of what this country has become. I don't recognize what it's become. I know a lot of people like me are on the right side of the fence, but it seems no matter how much we vote, voice our opinions and protest, we're just kicked in the face and told to "shut the hell up, snowflake!". And I'm not naive, a lot of this country came about because of political greed and corruption. But enough is enough!
  11. My downstairs is tingling! NSFW