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  1. still a huge meh for me. hardly ever listen to it, probably my least listened to album. fingers crossed for the next one
  2. oh for sure, it was a travesty what we got for remixes for mdna and rebel heart. Definitely the best batch as a whole since American Life
  3. One or two from each song have been great but lots of forgettable ones.
  4. a great set of remixes we got for this amazing song. get that #1!
  5. I didn't say they were whack jobs because they didn't like him. They are whack jobs because of how they behave. Granted it's a lot quieter now that MX has quieted down, but if you posted anything that was remotely not blind worshiped you were attacked. I got rude Pvt messages and admin locked me out just for saying I didn't like Madame X
  6. I sure know that, there are some real whack jobs on here
  7. 1000x better than Honey Dijon remix. This needs to be released!
  8. it just sounds like a good 12" mix, we need some good 90's house mixes. we Need Shep and Vasquez on the remixes really
  9. Pretty sure I Don't Search I Find is the next to be released to clubs
  10. let's hope for #1 next week! do we know who else is is remixing?
  11. the only hard copy we are getting is the I Rise maxi single with 6 of the remixes for Record Store Day.
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