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  1. we had it banned here in Canada for a bit then after "investigating" they re added it to the stations
  2. T0pher

    Troye Sivan

    he's extremely good looking. post a picture of yourself and let's judge you 😛
  3. T0pher

    Your top albums of 2018

    Chris - Christine and The Queens Palo Santo - Years & Years Bloom - Troye Sivan Sex and Cigarettes - Toni Braxton really the only albums I enjoyed this year
  4. T0pher

    Christine & The Queens

    I just saw that video. it's not me lol I'm behind, you only briefly see the back of my head at the end with the red hat
  5. T0pher

    Christine & The Queens

    omg I have to go find that
  6. T0pher

    Christine & The Queens

    so this happened last night 🙀🙂😀 literally still dying. and I was going to buy the aisle seat so I can make a quick getaway when it was done but opted for middle of the balcony.
  7. T0pher

    Christine & The Queens

    the vinyls come with all the lyrics!
  8. T0pher

    Christine & The Queens

    honestly best album I've heard in years. absolutely love her. didn't think It was possible to surpass her debut album but dang it's just amazing. been spinning the French and the English vinyls daily and well this little concert is just everything
  9. T0pher

    Troye Sivan

    I would guess Blush, but Hot Pink after I'm done with it 🤣
  10. T0pher

    Christine & The Queens

    did you pre -order? where? I can't find a damn site to pre order it from in Canada 😰😛
  11. T0pher

    Troye Sivan

    this disgusting comment says more about you than him. pathetic.
  12. T0pher

    Christine & The Queens

    album is done and available for pre order. comes out September
  13. T0pher

    Christine & The Queens

    her concert was EVERYTHING. I was absolutely blown away. so much energy and sounded incredible. I was front row at her show in Toronto