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  1. Definitely but be careful on this forum, there are real Offer Nissim haters that will insult you every time you say you like his Madonna remixes.
  2. Thanks for contributing with super constructive comments guys! Love your analysis of these remixes. I can sense a very deep knowledge of electronic music.
  3. Looks like we're getting an Offer Nissim remix too - I know, I know, not everyone here is a fan of his remixes.
  4. Omg did you read the new post from M? She is pissed at the article and journalist. Here’s a screenshot in case she changes or deletes it - which she should not do, keep the post M!
  5. Not much should change if you use an iphone. Instead of buying songs on the itunes store app and playing them in the music app, you'll buy and play songs in the music app. Much easier to use one app only for music. There'll be a new app for videos only, but few people must still buy movies and series with Netflix and company anyway.
  6. Looks like there’s a second cover with M on it instead of the soccer player:
  7. Used to, before they stopped publishing it and relaunched it recently with more ‘relatable’ people on the cover. They usually don’t put big stars on the cover. This month’s cover is one of the most popular French soccer players, Griezmann, straight guy who’s helping fight homophobia in sports.
  8. It's just an interview of M in the new issue of the French gay magazine Tétu, coming out this Wednesday. The magazine's editor in chief @Romainburrel posted very supportive tweets during the Eurovision, especially after he started seeing negative reactions to her performance. Saying what we already know, that she is a legend, has redefined pop music and is at the same level of Elvis, Sinatra and Prince.
  9. Exactly my thoughts. She can’t spend as much as for Medellin on all next videos. In a perfect world she’d have unlimited budget on all videos, but that’s not gonna happen. We’re lucky her videos don’t have product placement like so many other singers. I just want Swae Lee and her in a few shots, not like Nicki Minaj in the TV screens in BIM.
  10. There should be a live stream on the Eurovision Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/eurovision
  11. Thanks for that. To each their own, everyone can have their own opinions, as long as they express opinions. I hate when some here write statements like ‘this or that is garbage’. That does not just express a preference. That means you think everyone else liking that song/album doesn’t have any proper taste. It doesn’t leave any room for debate and discussions. It’s childish.
  12. She’s an artist, she makes music, it’s all subjective. Not sure we should say she makes weird music choices. She’s also a very mainstream artist and she does pop so she’s trying to make music that can appeal to as many people. I’m trying to put myself in her shoes. How hard it must be to balance an easy to sing and remember melody with more edgy elements. And how hard to choose the singles. Whatever she does, she’ll always make some fans happy and others upset. I would not change anything in RH and their single selection. Same with all albums since ROL. Except maybe GI2M to be repla
  13. You don’t say ‘this is bad/gross’, you say ‘i don’t like it’. Unless you have solid points to prove that something is just plain bad, like analysis of the remix structure or such. Haven’t read any valid points in criticism of Offer’s remixes. You don’t like them, but that doesn’t make them bad. I love Offer’s remixes. Waiting to hear his versions of Medellin on Spotify, not judging based on an edit in another DJ’s podcast. No need to go to circuit parties to listen to these kind of club songs. They’re perfect for a workout.
  14. I don’t think any DJ would play the album or radio versions of a song in a club anyway, for any songs. Always remixed before, or with added beats if the DJ is actually spinning live, and played faster. Basically any song can be played in clubs with the good remix. I remember when gay clubs were playing Adele song remixes years ago. Ghosttown and BIM are not club bangers but gay clubs kept playing remixes in 2015, at least here in Toronto. I’m sure that will be the same with Medellin. And i bet the verses will be the best part of the remixes.
  15. Yeah, so forgettable that even Madonna and her team chose to start the MDNA tour setlist with one of the remixes (at least the intro of the Offer Nissim remix of GGW) and used both remixes of LFL for the Grammies, Brit, 3 TV performances and the RH tour. She must really have bad taste, right? Why are we still following her? Most fans think they know better than her when it comes to music, with all comments on remixes, RH demos supposedly better than the final mixes - thank god she never released that Rebel Heart Avicii version, wasn’t bad but sounded dated AF and cheesy, would have kill
  16. It should air live on the Eurovision Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/eurovision
  17. Offer Nissim remixes please. Love what he did with GGW, TUTR, LFL and Ghosttown. And Madonna clearly loved his 2 remixes of LFL since she used them for the TV and tour performances. Can we stop saying everying was much better 20 years ago? I’ve loved madonna’s last 10 years as much as anything before. Including remixes.
  18. Sorry if that’s already been posted, maybe by @robster who was the first or one of the first to mention Madame X, but that description on the 1908 French play called Madame X makes total sense why M would use that album name, related to her full career or the rumours of a not so coherent new album (in a good way, mixing various music style): « The play has been cited as an example of the literary tradition of portraying the mother figure as being "excessively punished for slight deviation from her maternal role »
  19. I don’t believe in a Netflix documentary about the making of the album. If it happens, it’ll be a concert film, maybe with a few extra minutes of documentary. To be released after the world tour, so in 2020 or 2021. See what they did with Taylor Swift or now with Beyonce. Maybe she’s been shooting a mini documentary about the album, for Youtube, with like 4-5 episodes of a few mn. Think of the short videos they released just before the RH tour.
  20. She and her team must be pissed that this Sylvan Adams keeps talking about it while it’s being negotiated. If that doesn’t happen, that may mainly be because of his big mouth. She loves any publicity but not if the deal falls through.
  21. That old mashup doesn’t sound official -it’s also pretty bad and just useless. And i hear no song produced by Mirwais in it, so why crediting him if that’s the actual ascap registration of this mashup? Warner as a publisher is weird. Even more weird that there’s no performer registered. Unless that will be added later, when the song is released?
  22. Wait. You realize the 2 other guys credited as writers are the guys from Daft Punk.
  23. Doesn't seem to be any moderation on here, last time I made a similar comment as yours I was told to fuck off and that I was a troll. But they think insulting a singer is a personal opinion and funny. Praying for any M updates asap cos I can't wait any longer. And also to stop this flow of 'personal opinions' that shoudln't be on threads about Madonna.
  24. I am as obsessed with Madonna as all of you. But don’t complain about the negativity against her if you can’t speak about Lady Gaga or Beyonce without bashing them. They are fantastic performers. I’ll never like them as much as M but I can still appreciate their huge talent.
  25. Why not for the Eurovision. It’s mid-May. We’ll never see the level of promo/advertising as for ROL because the music industry has changed. Unless it’s to launch a new Drake/Adele/Taylor Swift album, it’s almost useless to spend too much money on advertising. She usually doesn’t need awareness, everyone knows when she is releasing a new album from all media and PR - my friends who don’t care about her or even hate her always bring up her new albums with me. That doesn’t mean they’ll listen to it. The only point for the promo for the new album is to sell tour tickets. That’s where Li
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