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  1. I'm fully expecting demanding a "You Are Not Alone" MJ/Lisa Marie-esque masterpiece video within 72 hours.
  2. And they say *Biden* has cognitive problems???
  3. They have no leg to stand on in court, the ad literally PLAYS CLIPS of the man himself!
  4. Let's be real; most gay men don't even know who he is, what he did or what his "personal transformation" was. They're too busy hooking up with complete strangers, buying Rhianna's makeup or still stanning Gaga or Britney on Twitter to concern themselves with their civil rights and who's trying to deny or take them away.
  5. $32,748,995 at the global box office, only $1,106,000 of which was from the international box office, on a $35 million production cost. (Which doesn't include marketing and theatrical distribution costs.) SMASH.
  6. She gave the Church of Scientology a $4 million donation 10-15 years ago. Which was, obviously, already at least 15 years after she had last made that kind of money. She's batshit.
  7. And the stock market is also now at its lowest level since 2008, when Obama inherited the previous Repulicunt's Recession.
  8. Way too generous. Strippers earn their money, [Trump]First Lady Melanie[/Trump] just hopped on the right Creamsicle.
  9. All of the companies who gave those jobs should be switching to electric vehicles and solar/wind power.
  10. And all those jobs are going to mean nothing when almost every major city on this planet is under 20 feet of water.
  11. You mean the show that is literally wrapping up right now?
  12. So basically the UK is turning into the US. Marginally terrifying.
  13. I would actually put it above IDSIF and Future. Future would get her accused of trying too hard with a modern sound, and in regards to IDSIF 90s dance isn't commercially viable, at least in the US. I Rise would be the best fit for US radio, and still sounds mature enough.
  14. Trump got nearly as many votes as a woman who was formerly the first lady, a senator and the secretary of state. I think you’re severely underestimating how many people love Trump, and are just as disgusting as him.
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