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  1. Well, *Idaho* topped 100 cases yesterday, which represented a daily increase of over 1/3. Everywhere is fucked.
  2. Just remember, the UK government told people to not go to restaurants and stores and movie theaters, causing a massive decline in revenue for those businesses, but then wouldn’t officially shut them down because then the business owners would be allowed to file insurance claims and people would be able to apply for unemployment benefits. That was honestly one of the most disgusting global reactions to the pandemic thus far.
  3. ... Orrrrrr you can just stop dismissing a pandemic that has the Italian military carrying hundreds of coffins away to temporary storage locations as media hysteria.
  4. No problem! All of this has me pissed off too. While my 71-year-old, partially disabled (due to terrible arthritis) mother lives with me and I am tasked with keeping her alive through all of this, my millionaire sister and her family went down to Florida, of all places, for a two week vacation.
  5. Every single projection has it happening to the US and UK, and Australia a little bit later.
  6. I told you so? My posts are far too specific, well spoken and thought out to get bullshit accusations like that. Sorry. Look, you people are voluntarily taking umbrage to my comment. I also have no recollection of ever saying that to you. You are literally defending someone dismissing this as “mass hysteria”, meanwhile here in the US the governor of Florida refuses to do any statewide shutdowns and thus the state is about to turn into a complete and utter disaster. That is not hysteria.
  7. Looks like I struck a nerve, considering you were the biggest culprit. I’m not stirring shit. It is a very important discussion to be had regarding the delusion of modern society, and why so many people, such as yourself, not only denied this was even a possibility but were overly aggressive about it. Or it’s because Madonna is in between eras now, and it is the biggest story in the world? That’s not even true about my posts anyway, but nice try. And keep fucking trying to dismiss it as mass hysteria all you want, tell the people in Italy it’s only media hysteria. There are over 8,200 dead in that country now, doubling the number of people who die from automobile accidents in the *entire country each year*, and the virus mortality rate is now pushing 11% there. Seriously, you’re vile.
  8. They have no leg to stand on in court, the ad literally PLAYS CLIPS of the man himself!
  9. Let's be real; most gay men don't even know who he is, what he did or what his "personal transformation" was. They're too busy hooking up with complete strangers, buying Rhianna's makeup or still stanning Gaga or Britney on Twitter to concern themselves with their civil rights and who's trying to deny or take them away.
  10. That's part of it. And to that point, the Mayor of Atlanta tweeted yesterday that every ICU bed in the city is already taken.
  11. He grew up in Beverly Hills, AND dismisses the (apparently wealthy) family that gave him everything. He's already a lost cause.
  12. His douchebaggery has long since been established:
  13. The mortality rate in Italy topped 10% with yesterday's figures. That is very, very grim news for US projections.
  14. Looking back through the first thread, including at the replies to my own comments, a few members here were extremely aggressive and downright awful towards anyone taking this seriously and were just as dismissive of the virus as Trump was/is. One in particular kept saying the standard "the flu is more deadly!" line, even though COVID-19 has a mortality rate over 30x higher. Now those members haven't commented at all in a few weeks, or simply changed their tune as if we wouldn't notice. Funny how that works. People in the west simply became jaded and way too comfortable over the course of 70+ years since WWII, which was global society's, but especially western society's, last major test. A whole lot of people thought the comfort and technology of the modern First World made a pandemic like this an impossibility. Thus they dismissed it immediately.
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