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  1. To this day, I don't think she loves touring. I think she loves being onstage, she loves performing, she loves the attention, she (admittedly) loves creating the shows... but she doesn't love actually having to move around for months at an end to do it, she gets bored having to sing the same songs and dance the same choreography, as I imagine most people would and most artists do. When you're in show 43 out of 85, you're not gonna feel the same excitement over repeating the same thing, day in and day out, as if it's Groundhog Day. Just re-watch the S&S making of extra of her groaning at having to perform Into the Groove again - and that was back in rehearsals! However What I have always respected about Madonna is her professionalism. She might be bored. She might be burnt out. She might be exhausted and praying for the tour to just end already. But she never shows it onstage. She works her ass off in every single show, even when she's sick, even when her personal life is in shambles or has recently taken a hit. Even with all the people hating on her, boycotting her and saying she's going to hell, she's a slut, she's a has-been or whatever - all the shit she's had to deal with since 1982. She gets onstage and she puts on a FUCKING SHOW. Every time. So honestly, hats off to her. She might get extra shady/bitchy during her audience interaction from time to time, but she never fails to give it her all and more when it comes to the performance.
  2. As an addendum, I SO prefer this look and hairstyle than the one we got for the official recording. Her make-up looks like it was done differently too.
  3. Vinny

    New Album Means New Tour

    I know this (as most things discussed here, really) is a matter of personal taste, but I like the video interludes. I agree the ones on the RHT were lazy (someday I'll write a long post about that tour that nobody asked for and nobody cares about), and Rain wasn't my favorite, but I loved the choreography in both Best Friend and Messiah, even though I 100% wish she had performed that live. I don't think she'll get rid of the video interludes and I think she's given us some beautiful (Paradise, Nobody Knows Me, Justify My Love) and fun ones (Die Another Day, Illuminati's dancer choreography and I love all the greatest hits medley ones, screw you all) and I personally don't want her to. However, I do want and hope she'll put more effort into them again because most of what she did for RHT left me extremely disappointed.
  4. Thank you! I always thought Candy Perfume Girl and I Love New York (CT) were the best rock remixes she's done, both sounding amazing, especially guitar-wise. I never knew if she was actually playing or just pretending to play because I know it took her some time to learn and both those songs sound GREAT. It's nixe to know she indeed can rock out. Kinda wonder why Ray of Light and Hung Up (S&S) don't sound as good/rock as hard, and I actually like the Ray of Light arrangement, but it sounds... weak compared to the ones I mentioned above.
  5. I'm actually really interested in hearing people's thoughts, as well as being presented with facts and proofs, on this subject.
  6. Vinny

    New Album Means New Tour

    I know. Maybe if she milks Asia, but doing really well in a market in one tour does not necessarily mean it's a sure thing to be replicated on the following tour, just look at the numbers (gross and attendance) from S&S in Latin America and compare it to The MDNA Tour's only four years later. But one can dream. I like stadium shows. I say this as someone who only got the chance to see her live once, from very afar in an open-ground outside venue. Just brings me lots of pride for the artist and there's something magical about knowing and seeing dozens of thousands of people around you sharing the moment and the love with you.
  7. Vinny

    rate the tours

    *blows dust off the topic* 1. Confessions Tour (it was the reason I became a bonafide Madonna Queen) 2. Blond Ambition Tour 3. The Girlie Show Tour 4. The MDNA Tour (only one I had the chance to see live, unfortunately, but what a fucking experience) 5. Rebel Heart Tour 6. Sticky & Sweet Tour 7. The Re-Invention Tour 8. Drowned World Tour 9. Who's That Girl Tour 10. The Virgin Tour most of these will have changed by the morning
  8. Vinny

    New Album Means New Tour

    Me too. I know there appears to be a consensus here that she should do small, intimate shows like Tears of a Clown (which I loved), but I'm really, really not for it. I want her to do a huge world stadium tour all over the world and break records and outgross Sticky & Sweet and just make a gazillion more dollars DAMMIT!!!
  9. Vinny

    New Album Means New Tour

    What do you mean?