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  1. I don't liked the God Control performance, but I get that it was Stonewall themed. Just hope for something different during the tour. The Vogue intro, however, had me slayed.
  2. She's still using the #waitingforanitta hashtag, wonder what's on her plans.
  3. I'm still curious about that and the visual album theory. Even in one of her latest interviews, she stated something like "wait to see what Nuno did, he connected all the music videos in a certain way". On the other hand, her "mixtape" IG story is still misterious to me.
  4. 1. God Control 2. Come Alive 3. Extreme Occident 4. Crave 5. Crazy
  5. I'm waiting to Friday too! In the meantime, I'm just reading the reviews from y'all.
  6. Aaron, one of the guys who posted the snippets, is currently on Madonna's section in FOTP forum, talking about song descriptions.
  7. It sounded delicious. I still remember it, it was one of my most anticipated tracks.
  8. Exactly, let's calm. This things are unavoidable in the times we're in. It's not like last releases, this one have been carefully managed.
  9. YouTuve videos are just clips and the demos of God is Love & Back That Up. Chill guys, it's going to be one hell of a week until release, but hopefully nothing will leak. Still, if you find something, report it please. Let's make a witch circle to prevent leaks to happen.
  10. I have the feeling that, if she has a polemic music video for this song, it will drop on the same day as the album. Good promo for its release, in my opinion.
  11. This is the only part I can't agree with you, friend. M has a hell lotta loyal fans and the Mx initial campaign has been very aggresive. We can do it, let's stream the shit outta this album when it launches and bought it too.
  12. Well, she has been in the studio for more than a year (almost a year and a half, I think). Maybe she has enough material to make Madame X the way she wants (with bonus tracks included that compliments her formula) and also a second album/EP/mixtape with material from those sessions.
  13. I will always remember "We need more windows in hell" from those times. *sighs*
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