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  1. That would be so typical Madonna in a way. Honestly, I still enjoy the performance of Future a lot. It was obviously something that noone in the audience was anticipating. LAP, however, still doesn't kick it in for me.
  2. Wow, I really can't believe that she is slaying as she does, what an artistic video! I want this masterpiece to be exposed to the world!
  3. This is so deserved considering all the bad press and the haters even though this album is just amazing. I'm so happy for her!
  4. An amazing track indeed, I am also wondering why it was omited from the standard version. It's quite similar to RH I think. Here again, I love how she is mixing the different cultural aspects in one song.
  5. I think this is my favorite track from the album so far. Such an interesting production with so many different influences. Plus, I am very pleased when it comes to singing in languages other than English.
  6. I recognized the negative press reviews here in Germany as well but I don't even read them because they are so unimportant to me. It even bothers me that these people get the chance to listen to the album so much in advance, completely undeserved. Maybe the negative press has something to do with Madonna having done no live performances since 2005, I don't know.
  7. Am I the only one who LOVES the ending scene? The style reminds me of Hung Up and BIM.
  8. Well, I don't want to go too much into this discussion now because obviously almost everything has been said now. However, there is one thing that I would like to comment on. Many of you say she doesn't take the road less travelled by. To a certain degree this is true for sure, but not in every aspect. I mean, can you explain to me why she released GMAYL and performed it at the Superbowl? Even considering that there are fans who like this song is beyond me. I mean this is one of the most generic and cheap songs ever, at least by Madonna standards. So she could have made a compromise between delivering a message AND a crowd pleasing performance, but unfortunately she didn't in my opinion and I really wish that I were more thrilled with it. But things can't be changed now.
  9. In my opinion the best thing for her to do now would be to focus on the 2nd single Crave. The song sounds lovely without being too complicated and it makes the softer side of her come out, which I like a lot. Also, as soneone said her looks in the video and audio are flawless, definitely something that needs to be exposed to the audience now.
  10. Btw my mother asked me why she didn't perform Candy Shop, I still think she considers this to be huge hit of hers.
  11. To all American viewers, I cannot remember one ESC that was so long like this one!
  12. Gosh I'm so excited, this is the first time I get to see her live on TV.
  13. Italy has the best song, also loving Mahmood, I want this to win!
  14. Azerbaijan He is so handsome!
  15. Liebe ist für alle da I found Denmark so annoying, Cyprus killed it for me.
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