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  1. Its not true. Señorita is upbeat, flirty and fun. I like Crave but its sad and melancholic. I love. M but thats she brings now - melancholy and angst and very little fun other than her being a cougar. It's so tired and not selling. I know ill get hate for it but saying it because its true and I care. People say she's doing her own thing and not repeating herself and its fine when she's spiky on TV because thats what makes her her. Fine, but we have to accept she's not longer going to sell records anymore.
  2. Its not that she's too old, its that the music isn't commercial enough. This albums better than the last two but there's nothing on it that sounds like a commercial hit. She's doesn't do that anymore. She doesn't seem to like the music that her audience really want from her - pop that you can dance to. If she wanted a hit shed make dance pop music again but she seems to believe a young urban audience are going to embrace her. Thats never going to happen.
  3. If you respect Madonna you will respect peoples right to have a difference of opinion. Im sickened by the attacks on Emma Gonzalez and other people who were involved in these tragedies. Actually living through it and campaigning for months or longer does give you the right to speak out. Madonnas done something for the right reason to bring about discussion and debate about an incredibly contentious subject,. She'd one expecting this kind of reaction. If she wasn't she shouldn't do it but she would have. The comments on here are a disgrace to everything Madonna stands for.
  4. I think Samo is entitled to his opinion. Madonnas message is about expressing yourself, after all. Shutting him down is like the people who try to shut down M. I was quite moved by the video because as much as I wan to love this era, the title, the styling, the eyepatch, the concept and the songs have under whelmed me. But this was amazing - really felt like the essence of Madonna and what I love about her. I wish her management had had the guts to lead with this and I wish shed kept more with the two looks in the video than the eyepatch. That said, I think its ok to discuss madonnas body gua
  5. God control is fun, like a vibe but its not a song thats going to be played at discos with the same appeal of Into the groove and like a prayer. Its a pop morsel for us because she rarely does stuff like this anymore but its underwhelming for me, sadly. The production is great. Im not sure you can make our the lyrics or its really clear what they are about unless you know. Its hard to get into a song on the dancfloor waving your arms in the air to 'a new democracy'. I suppose the video will get people talking about it.
  6. She was really disrespectful to Ian McKellen. Why? Why does she get so cold and prickly with people. Such a negative piece of PR when so many people are watching. She does herself no favours by being so haughty with people.
  7. Funana is my favourite but not sure where you can buy it. It's fresh and feel good which is what I want from M
  8. I thought the interview was written by someone who adored Madonna. The writer will be devastated. There wasn't enough of Madonna in it and. too much. back story but thought she was a proper fan. I think people are always going to mention age - they would with Elton John. or MIck Jagger and whether we like it out not, most piopstars are young. Not sure why she's so angry. Could have been far more on the album. I worry that Madonna seems be extremely unhappy that she us treated like a President rather than a popstar
  9. Yes that's the problem for me. People say 'get over it, she changes' but then we have to accept it won't work for most people. Im not sure who Future is for. She needs happiness. Hoping the album comes through.
  10. Is it just me but I find it creepy that theyve doctored the thing thats gone up. Its not real. Its as bad as fake news. It didn't go well, move on. Not sure about this.
  11. Like a prayer was painfully out of tune, Sounds like her ear pieces weren't working which is a shame as it has destracted from quite a powerful message. I couldn't hear the speech in the middle. What did she say? Any clip of it?
  12. I want to love it but I don't know what its for - it sounds like its a dancey summer track yet its about the end of the world. Maybe the performance will lift it tonight.
  13. I love this look. The styling here is great. I hope she works with this stylist, Benjamin Bruno, more. I think it enables her to look like the classy diva fashion doyenne that made her so appealling back in the day.
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