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  1. You foul mouthed Retard , is this the only power you have in your life cunt
  2. Yes indeed , perfect tie in - Eurovision is in Lisbon maybe she could perform it there first
  3. The post above is utter rubbish which has been written by someone who can't accept another persons point of view Where's the audio of Mj and where does cher call madonna ugly/untalented, please provide proof I'm getting sick of some M fans seeing M as a victim all the time and stupid conspiracy teories
  4. Thank you, can't get over how some people are so vile on here
  5. Did i have a point of view (human nature)
  6. You're wrong ,, Have you not seen the letters that were exposed where she refered to Whitney Houston/Sharon stone as mediocre or her sex book where she mentions cyndi lauper/stephanie seymour or when she lashed out at Brett Ratner on Instagram calling him a Snake etc, however criticises trump but keeps quiet about Harvey Weinstein??
  7. How about Son of a preacher man (dusty springfield) Everything but the girl misssing Brazen , skunk anansie
  8. I liked the book but in no way was it controversial, i'm sure there was alot he could have put in there but didn't
  9. First post on here ! In my opinion this is what she needs to do Play greatest hits in the original arrangement (because that's why we bought them in the first place) Get on stage early people have spent enough on tickets already so paying for taxis etc is not fair on fans Don't play the victim on stage or off (which she has been playing alot in the last few years) less dancers please , cut out the pretenciousness