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  1. LikeAPrayer

    Barbra Streisand

    And of course, Barbra has a story about meeting Madonna before M hit it big:
  2. LikeAPrayer

    Barbra Streisand

    Much like M, a lot gets said about Barbra and very little credit is given to what a trailblazer she actually is. She's arguably the first prominent female entertainer who had total control of her career and had the balls to challenge the male establishment in both the recording and film industries. She fought hard for what she believed in and didn't give a fuck about who she pissed off in the process. Like M, she's gotten the "difficult" and "bitch" tag from the press because of this.
  3. As for the debut of the video, I hope Interscope is cleaver about it. Perhaps have the song featured on a primetime series hit like Scandal and then the video premiere directly after the show ends? More exposure for the song and video that way.
  4. David Fincher or Mark Romanek please! Michael Haussman would also be a wonderful surprise, as I do think Take A Bow was such a visually compelling video for her. Granted, I wasn't fond of what Fincher did for Timberlake or what Romaneck did for Swift, but I'll hope they can bring more creativity to the table as they did in the past for M if she were to reunite with them again.
  5. Has the director been announced yet?
  6. Maybe he'll remix one of the singles from Rebel Heart.
  7. LikeAPrayer

    William OrBITTER SHADES Madonna

    I don't see her ever giving him the time of day again. She's known for cutting off folks who publicly shade her in some way, and I wouldn't be surprised if the two were no longer on speaking terms. Truth be told, she should have never worked with him again after ROL. His contributions to the Music album were lackluster, and his MDNA material was what it was... You'd never hear someone like Pat Leonard say or do something like this. I think he once said he didn't agree with the direction she went in with the Erotica album, but he was very classy about and was classy about only having songwriting and not hands-on producing activity on ROL.
  8. LikeAPrayer

    Official Album Cover DISCUSSION

    The Erotica font.
  9. LikeAPrayer

    Madonna Super Bowl thread

    Taking the nipple out of the scenario, I've never met a sane Janet fan who considers that performance one of her very best.
  10. LikeAPrayer

    What's Madonna's Best Ever Album?

    Like A Prayer, of course!
  11. LikeAPrayer

    'Like a Prayer' appreciation thread

    It was Rolling Stone, see the last paragraph. http://www.rollingstone.com/artists/madonn...9/like_a_prayer
  12. LikeAPrayer

    'Like a Prayer' appreciation thread

    Simply the greatest album of Madonna's career, and her most critically acclaimed album. Rolling Stone Magazine said it best, it is "as close to art as pop music gets." I can't pick just one or a few songs that were great about this album. As an overall piece of work, it just works so well together, and I believe it to be her most consistent album from an artistic standpoint. I truly believe this era and particularly the title track cemented Madonna's icon status in pop music. For the first time, we had an album that was raw, introspective, and gave a vulnerable side of Madonna that we'd hardly ever seen before or even after. It comes off as less calculated than say Ray Of Light , her other artistic triumph. 20 years later, it still holds up well and it still exposes to us the true artistry of this woman and the greatness she is capable of. I'm waiting for this album to be remastered, Warner!
  13. LikeAPrayer

    US Chart Talk: 11/17/07

    Wait, will Billboard still report The Eagles as having the #1 album, since Soundscan will in fact be tracking the album? Certain media outlets are still reporting that the album is still ineligible to chart on the main album chart.