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  1. I can't imagine Janet was too pleased with how the '90 VMA's turned out - she was all set up to "steal" the show by being the opening act and getting the Video Vanguard Award. Then came Madonna with the Vogue performance, which everyone talked about the next day and which has obviously done down in history as one of the definitive VMA moments....
  2. There's long been rumours that Cher had a nervous breakdown backstage prior to presenting Best Picture to Rain Man at the 1989 Oscars. It was said that Jack Nicholson had to console her backstage and almost co-presented with her. She does look a bit frazzled here - I guess the nerves of standing in front of the Hollywood elite will really do that to a person.
  3. Cher's successful foray into acting in the 80's is really one of the most interesting things about her. The fact she was able to be taken seriously as an actress (and walk away with an Oscar on top of that) is really commendable. She really worked her ass off to establish a career in film there for a while. I think she's even acknowledged on several occasions that she finds herself to be a better actress than singer.
  4. I wish she would try acting again (I know she's working on a movie for Lifetime - but those aren't exactly quality productions). Cher's possibly the only modern diva that was better at acting than singing/performing. Though, I'd guess that there probably aren't many roles for her at this age...
  5. Still waiting for UPS to ship her Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction?
  6. She's still waiting for UPS to ship her baby.
  7. As far as I'm concerned, B'Day was her best album/era - but it did seem initially there was a slight backlash against her though with both Deja Vu and Ring The Alarm underperforming.... B'Day's also far superior to the piece of shit that was I Am... Sasha Fierce.
  8. It was a 2008 interview with HX Magazine: HX: I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but there's an Internet war between Janet and Madonna fans. I know you and Madonna had some beef in the '90s, but do you think the heat between Madonna and Janet fans has any validity? Janet: No—I didn't know this was going on. [Laughs] They argue, make videos and, of course, it's mostly the gay fans. So people are curious: What are your thoughts on Madonna now? Janet: I think she's done wonderful things. She's done great things in her career, in her life, and more power to her. I think fans will always be that way—always. They're just incredibly loyal and they love you so much that if anyone says anything remotely negative, they're there to just immediately jump on them. It'll always be that way—very loyal.
  9. Every artist goes through a wilderness period where they try to find themselves again, and for Madonna, that was perhaps the period between Erotica and Ray of Light. SEX did hurt her mass commercial appeal (at the time at least), but in a way, she was probably due for some sort of downfall after the end of her imperial phase - which ended with The Blonde Ambition Tour/release of Justify My Love and The Immaculate Collection. I don't think the general public quite knew what to make of her after Erotica/SEX - she was still popular, but not quite as invincible as she was in the 80's/very early 90's. Bedtime Story, Something To Remember, and Evita were her "cooling down and vulnerable" phases - they were necessary to soften her image and preserve her profile after Erotica/SEX seemingly turned off a huge part of the general public. The transformation was over by the time she released Ray of Light, and one could argue that's when she entered her "silver age" and found who she really was an artist again (not that anything before it was bad, it wasn't, but to some it may have seemed like she was going through the motions in the mid 90's).
  10. Madonna and Herb were a perfect match made in heaven. No one else captured the essence of Madonna better and no one probably will again.
  11. Can we all agree that Madonna has been much more fun and lively post-divorce than she was for most of her marriage to Guy? I don't want to remember English country-living and children's book writing Madonna....
  12. In the US at least, it really helped silence a lot of people who said she'd never score a big hit again after the Erotica/SEX backlash. It may have been diluted a bit by the David Letterman controversy, but it really did help remind people of what a great singer/songwriter she is. It's probably the hit Madonna probably didn't know she needed at that time.
  13. The list was mainly about the last 20 years, where Diana had no career outside of being an "oldies act."
  14. What's also nice is that it's apparent how much Fallon loves and respects her - it seems genuine and not fake or put-upon.