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  1. In no particular order. God Control I Rise FaZ Gostoso Medellín Batuka
  2. The Economist did a write up. https://www.economist.com/prospero/2019/06/19/madonna-remains-scandalous-but-for-the-wrong-reason
  3. God Control. the ending is pretty epic. both kinda sound like Daft Punk disco/club tracks
  4. God Control I Rise IDSIF Batuka Ciao Bella
  5. It's a worldy journey of sonic goodness thats boldly in your face one moment and delicately melodic the other. BRAVA MADONNA!!! Now I just need my hands on physical copies.
  6. Besides Carson, I'm glad none of them at the table are interviewing her. Al Roker was laughing his butt off at the eye patch saying where's her parrot and Jenna saying maybe she has pink eye, I mean really She looks great.
  7. Ran upon this one...love it! The video though
  8. The visual and musical tonal shifts, on my first go around, were jarring and pretty cool. I hope this gets some attention. All the videos have been ACE...Brava Madonna!
  9. Fantastic video!!! Interesting song, in a good way
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