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  1. RIP Hope for the best for those injured. It's one of the most disturbing videos I've seen on the net..horrific!
  2. Awful. I mean we all know its going to happen but when it does.
  3. Glad you're ok Pedro! how odd that its on the same day as the deadly 1985 earthquake in Mexico City. Wow Mother Nature must be really pissed
  4. ^Awful situation Hec, but glad they're doing ok. I'm hearing this was expected to be way worse but regardless, its a mess!
  5. I can't even imagine. and for all those less fortunate with no transport, home, family, money...just awful.
  6. Wow....scary. my hometown looks like its right in the path of destruction ;(
  7. Nothing new that we havent heard. just as predicted to get middle america on their "sides". both had their own quirks... bad and good. can't wait for the onslaught of reports this gets in the AM. Go Hil!!
  8. Damn! you just never know when/where. its nature but i wish it wouldn't take so many innocent lives
  9. Olympics are fun to watch. and the drama of gymnastics
  10. Love beach volleyball and glad my hometeam won this match. china and swiss was a good game too. swimming is also fun. diving is always entertaining. and can't wait for track and field
  11. Awful! i hope he's doing alright considering the break
  12. Olympics are always a hot mess. i do enjoy watching certain events though. its sensationalism at its best
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