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  1. RIP Hope for the best for those injured. It's one of the most disturbing videos I've seen on the net..horrific!
  2. eu4ria

    Your top albums of 2018

    Kali Uchis - Isolation
  3. eu4ria

    Your top albums of 2018

    @IsaacHarris I Have a feeling you might dig this. It's my number 1 album for the year. Kali Uchis/Isolation
  4. eu4ria

    Christine & The Queens

    She's great and took me a bit to realize that that was her who did the Tilted song. Girlfriend (video and song) are everything. reminds me of La Roux in a way
  5. eu4ria


    Do these count as ballads?
  6. eu4ria

    Sad Songs

    Right off the top of my head
  7. eu4ria

    Justin Timberlake thread

    I won't even give supplies another listen because that is utter crap.
  8. eu4ria

    Justin Timberlake thread

    Sounds like a slowed downed muffled version of futuresex/lovesounds. not digging. is he Steve Jobs?
  9. eu4ria

    Your top albums of 2017

    Foster The People/Sacred Hearts Club Phoenix/Ti Amo
  10. eu4ria

    Mass shooting in Las Vegas

    Awful. I mean we all know its going to happen but when it does.
  11. eu4ria

    Mexico's Fatal Earthquake

    Glad you're ok Pedro! how odd that its on the same day as the deadly 1985 earthquake in Mexico City. Wow Mother Nature must be really pissed
  12. eu4ria

    2017 Hurricanes

    ^Awful situation Hec, but glad they're doing ok. I'm hearing this was expected to be way worse but regardless, its a mess!
  13. eu4ria

    2017 Hurricanes

    I can't even imagine. and for all those less fortunate with no transport, home, family, money...just awful.