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  1. Can someone share (here or in pvt if it's forbidden) an Hd rip of the docu for those who are in country where it's not released? I know there's something on you tube but i would like to enjoy the experience in full hd as other fans can do.
  2. POOL: Spotify vs Apple music vs phisical cd copy vs iTunes Flac vs digital copy (merchandise link)...which is the best quality for having the first listening with earphone tomorrow?
  3. There is a site where we can buy international paper magazines? I'm from Italy and i would love to have the UK Vogue with M.
  4. Which tv station will broadcast the event? It's possibile for us outside usa to have a look live by some streaming site?
  5. I can't find a link for MTV CLASSIC UK free online streaming. Can you suggest something? I want to see madonnathon until the video premier this evening
  6. At this stage i'm convincing myself that the rumored MADAME X (or XX) could be the real title of the album. A celebration of womans could be the imaginary. The 12 character she have mentioned on IG are the 12 tracks, in every track she has a theme and maybe a small clip for each one. 12 differents look, styling, locations (thinking of how much she filmed and maybe shooted this past months). At the end also the X is reflection of those characters....the shadow one could be from a prison, the first one is from University, the theatre curtain one is for the cabaret singer etc.. It's seem all to going in this direction and i think it could be a good theme......the" mother earth "and the portoguese influence might beh also for something else...i can't see dino d santiago and nackhane fit the same concept so maybe 2 disc, traditional one plus mini one (mixtape, only digital with features).....something like Ariana Grande has done recently. 6 months distance between two project but one tour
  7. I think that it's our moral duty respond to this post and say something supportive and protective. This is a shitty behavior, specially coming from an "artist". He can may not like her music or her role but i think he had to be respectful and do not publicly report a private conversation by her manager. So now we know she's looking for the cover art so we may assume studio times are over and she is having final touches
  8. Do we know if Mert&Marcus o S Klein are in London too? Also Giovanni Bianco or Luigi and Iango....someone who could be indeed in this project. Times ago there was a rumor about Steven Meisel and his rapprochement...he might be the choiche for M14. If she is going to shoot something today, the chance for album within 2018 could be true
  9. so stupid way to express your opinion. This is a supporting artist fan forum so i think our comments should be only related to the artist and the theme...no sarcasm. I was trying to share my excitement for upcoming album. First comment here after years of reading only behavior. I don't even speak so well english so i was also afraid...then you share your joke.....disappointment big man
  10. I'm startin to think the leaked tracklist is real. 2 days ago we didn't even know Nakhane but he was on the tracklist as a featuring. Also the comments below the IG post suggest something is going to happen and the risk of him for spoiling something. https://twitter.com/ElectroHistory/status/1033343767233757184/photo/1 I'm also reminding that African influences were supposed at early stages yet and the female choir in the studio......David joining her in acoustic for one track......it seems all more clear and possible at this point Cardi B and Nicki on the same track could be a big buzz for American market and M could only receive back something good by it.....could be the famous surprise that Nicki was referring to at the Met. Remind also the photoshoot with cardi some times ago and the choice of Moroccan theme for her birthday...all seems very linked and promising imo.....
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