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  1. What song she sang on the teaser? My thoughs is Dark Ballet
  2. I think the album name is Magic and Madame X is her alter ego. I can't relate an album called Madame X with African influence. Magic is more relatable.
  3. Remember the car with flowers? The tradition of Iemanj√° is offering some flowers on the ocean
  4. Porto Alegre and Quebec City are the most sucess shows on MDNA Tour, in terms of public attendance and revenue,so...
  5. Baianas is the same dress they use in candomblé. She can also sold typical foods from Africa or Afro-Brazilian.
  6. The only thing that i'm worried is someone release an album and Madonna peak #2 on Billboard 200.
  7. Why people in United States are difficult to admit they turn back Madonna? Look the numbers and you'll saw.
  8. LOL. It's her fault for releasing shit music, but US market isn't have good taste too. Making awful trap music number 1 on hot 100 or top 10.
  9. I think it will be 16 songs, like it was on the whiteboard
  10. She only promote on US because of visibility, kinda like "hey americans, i'm release a new album,buy it, bye". Everybody knows her major market is Europe.
  11. Yeah, that's why she'll do Eurovision. US market is ungrateful to her.
  12. MDNA and Rebel Heart sold more outside US. She doesn't need them since the first album, when she sold 5 million in US and 5 million outside.
  13. Now I'm curious about the release. She's gonna drop only the song, or the music video too? The videos are connected, or they tell a different story? They will release all the videos on the same time or seperate?
  14. maybe next week because her team made the playlist today..I don't think they working for launch on the same day.
  15. I don't know if anyone post this. Emmanuel Adjei instagram has only 1 photo now, maybe related to Madonna? He directed yesterday on the beach.
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