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  1. Medellin/La Isla Bonita

    Dark Ballet/Nobody's Perfect

    God Control/Hung Up

    Future/Unapologetic Bitch 

    Batuka/Nobody Knows Me

    Killers who are partying/Lament


    Crazy/Who's That Girl

    Come Alive/Body Shop 

    Extreme Occident/Easy Ride

    Faz Gostoso/Bitch I’m Madonna 

    Bitch I’m Loca/Spanish Lesson

    I don’t search Infind/Vogue

    Looking for Mercy/Ghosttown

    I Rise/Wash All Over Me

    Funana/Hold Tight

    Back that up to the beat/Shanti-Ashtangi 

    Ciao Bella/Isaac

  2. 2 hours ago, FeTuoni said:

    What’s wrong with people? Madonna is about to be 61 and she’s not super human. Your body goes through changes no matter how healthy you are. It happens to everyone. People’s voices change overtime. You have less stamina. Madonna is doing the unthinkable. Last night’a show was proof of that. She danced, she sang, she brought the theatrics. She went above and beyond. But from now on, there will be limitations. The least we can do is to show this woman, who’s been a machine for 40 years, that we love her and we appreciate her and that we got her back. If you don’t like her artistic choices, FINE, but don’t hate her... time goes by faster than you think. Love her NOW.  

    Preach. She still and always be an amazing performer that gives it her all. she SLAYED this show. We don't deserve her.

  3. 56 minutes ago, thelight said:

    Can someone help me GET the lyrics “I wasn’t lost “ then the the “thing that hurt the most wasn’t that I wasn’t lost”?? Just don’t get it  

    The way I get it:  she's looking for herself, the meaning of her life (her "center of gravity"), by trying different things, going to different places... But she's not finding anything, because this feeling of being lost is inside. not geographically or politically speaking. All she did to find herself was in vain, so it hurts.
    Kinda linked to the theme of I don't search I Find I guess.

    This song is very enigmatic, there should be other interpretations. I'd love to read them as well

  4. Crying. Just heard the full album...

    She topped herself again, I love here so much and I’m so proud of her for everything she put in this record. You can feel her pain, her joy, her playfullness throughout and IT’S AMAZING. 

    This cd is so full of raw emotion... I’m floored. 

    It’s so crazy that after such a brilliant career she still have this will to experiment and has so much to share musically, lyrically and aesthetically. We are so blessed to have her...

    Upon first listen faves are:

    KILLERS WHO ARE PARTYING  - was expecting to cringe real hard judging by the reviews but I actually cried my eyes out. This music style is to die for and suits her really well. The way she sings those lyrics makes up for their simplicity. This song touches me deeply.

    GOD CONTROL... well, you guys said it all, it’s INSANE. Have to listen to it again to process all that disco-choir-crazy galore.

    COME ALIVE  not a fan of Body Shop so I was skeptical reading the comparisons. But omg I LOVE it. The rythms, instrumentation, choir... fuck yeah

    BATUKA a bit long maybe but the fusion of genres is so well done, it’s brilliant!!!! Sounds like nothing else ever done

    IDSIF just all I love from Madonna summed up in one song. Not particularly innovative but what a pleaser ! Amazing lyrics and spoken words. Her sugar is so very raw in this.

    Still love FUTURE to death as well  

    I love love LOVE the theme of the album. All this allusions to searching, finding, rising above, while going though a wide spectrum of genres, melodies, collaboration. At the end it’s not what you’re looking for or what you find that matters but the journey. And god this album reflects that to perfection.

    sorry for the long post but I’m so happy that M is back with such FIERCE and profound music.


    Long live the queen

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