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  1. BREAKING NEWS : 1st Single / may 25th Title : "Rose Mist" feat. Kim Kardashian west - Produced by Kanye West. Style : trap/hip-hop Music video directed by graphic artist Aldo Diaz to premiere on KUWTK the day of the single release. Stay tuned !
  2. I might be in minority but for a couple of years i prefer her and think she looks more beautiful when she's at home, not in "full set-up" mode, hair & face more 'relaxed' like these pics for examples :
  3. I played a little bit with one of her latest insta pics (just added sublte eye make up here and there) and i love how beautiful she looks. It reminds me of the Lachapelle pic from the video collection 93:99. She looks amazing in blue clothes.
  4. I still believe "Beautiful game" is not a single, or at least not the lead. She said we'll heard it soon implying when the album will be released. She performed a snippet at the met because the track was perfecf for the style of the medley. I'm certain we have a "Messiah" situation here ( she teased it to death during the recording process of "Rebel heart" and it's never been a single). Time will tell but i'm certain the lead single will be a full surprise...
  5. Just a collection of all rumors of the web. News of Madonna never have any exclusives.
  6. +1. I always felt like a special connection betwenn them. Like they don't have to talk to understand each other, you can see and feel it by watching some of their live performances, and i noticed M always seems to feel genuinely good when she's with him.
  7. So she hired Klein for her MDNA skin ads. Now i begin to wonder if the other video (the bride one) is also for the creams. Since day one i have the feeling the video is not new music related.
  8. On social medias maybe, there will always be downers, but overwall the reactions have been mainly positive, especially here on nation. Also i'm tired or hearing people linking Mirwais only to "American life" as if he's only able to produced mid tempo ballads. For me Mirwais will always be associated first to one of her biggest dance anthem ever "Music". And i'm not even talking about the album of the same name which is my opinion one of her best.
  9. Who has been hesitant about Mirwais ? Since it's been revealed he's on board all i see is people being happy about it.
  10. They just badly collected all the info and rumors from around the web. No insiders info here at all.
  11. I think, if indeed Minaj releases a single featuring M next month, M will release her own lead single like 1 or 2 months after, while the hype is on. Nicky's featuring will be like a pre-lead single. It would make no sense from a marketing perspective to get back in the spotights, then disappear again for 4 months and come back again.
  12. And don't forget the featuring on Samantha Fox new greatest hits compilation "Touch me in San Pedro"