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  1. The song gives chills and the idea of this secret video is
  2. #2 and bulleted. Yes! Another #1...keep streaming! ”give me a record and I’ll break it” - again and again!
  3. On the charts Medellín is up to #2 and bulleted. Keep streaming the Medellín remixes... another dance #1...
  4. Will stream continuously (def deserving as I appreciate every newly discovered nuisance on subsequent listens) on iTunes and purchase on 6/19.
  5. No lies detectes. Seriously, If you listen to it with eyes closed you are a MaDame...a world traveler, Cha Cha instructor...
  6. 5/5 The intricacies of the melodies, instrumentation and production. An artistic journey I’m excited to see at NYC BAM opening night of the tour wow just WOW!
  7. Time really does go by so slowly for those who wait
  8. Good review maybe the Arthur Fogel calling the rag out with Fuck you/fuck off knocked some sense in them. Short lived but in ink!
  9. I don’t think she’ll perform but maybe they can do the classroom instrument segment to promote Medellín or Crave at min.
  10. AV club following Vice with not greatest hits playlist https://www.google.com/amp/s/music.avclub.com/justifying-our-love-an-hour-of-madonna-s-greatest-non-1835350316/amp Hers a pic....
  11. Unsure it’s a review or a general music interest article but I replied nonetheless...
  12. I’m good with the different versions. I’d rather have these songs released in their time and praised/criticized, then to have a posthumous album with unreleased tracks that are received and accepted because the artist is dead by the estate.
  13. https://www.musicomh.com/reviews/albums/madonna-madame-x MusicOMH best line..... MadameX is Madonna living her Latin American Life. Brilliant.
  14. Every order with a MDN order conf #, are preorder and are expected to ship between 6/14 and mid July per a rep at LiveNation Fanfire....hopefully will get shipping confs soon
  15. Billboard poll...Madonna MadameX....52%! https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8515479/upcoming-pop-albums-poll Make your mark
  16. CRAVE stays put at #17, but the top 18 songs are unchanged from last to this week.
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