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  1. At the moment Looking for Mercy.... - Can you tell the truth when you live lies - Flawed flawed by design Standby these will change.
  2. They have diff tees ($25) except white profile tee w eyepatch $30 limited numbered litho $75 Hats “ I Rise “ $350 Currently no socks or casettes
  3. Both tees I purchased (S) at pop up run true to size, feel slim fit cut, quality is better than previous items.
  4. But you do get a digital album download with purchase. On a photo card...most items will be available at shows I imagine
  5. I asked but was told by salesperson the exclusive cassette was the the item they decided to stock
  6. Most tees 25 short sleeve cassettes 24.95 socks 14 neclace 25 rosary 20
  7. Great. They have cassette, tees, vinyls, white Madame X hoodie (hand painted one sold out) rosary, socks, chain, CDs, throw, some signed memorabilia but most importantly my $$$ And I met a fantastic LiveNation Senior VP
  8. Sheesh...Quietus is the pivotal review for the score...keeping 70. she deserves better anyways! MadameMasterpiece
  9. Same record breaker and pic apparently ...any BB insiders or connected fans stans or haters on this forum that can ask them to update it?
  10. What reviews besides MoJo are missing that count? People magazine? ..........? ..........?
  11. Medellín - MADONNA f/ Maluma 47th Dance #1.... Queen of the Dance Floor!
  12. Medellín - MADONNA f/ Maluma 47th Dance #1.... Queen of the Dance Floor!
  13. If you have Instagram..go to Jimmy Fallon official page and like the pics with Madonna. Support is multi formats and platforms.
  14. I have a serious migraine but am staying awake to watch this...’medicated but awake!
  15. Mediabase Building Charts (radio) CRAVE HOT AC #38 (increase in spins) AC #16(increase in spins) Maybe if fans focus on streaming CRAVE and video views in addition to her sales A BB HOT100 debut is not out of the question.....
  16. It has replay value..what, wait a minute... I asked my student a 20 yr old Muslim female and she loved the intro and progression. I asked my friend in curaçao and her daughter 9 waits for the disco beat to drop and starts dancing in the car...all whirly, and spaz-tastic. Neither were fans but appreciate the sheer genius God Control.
  17. The Madame X roll out at this moment in her career and trajectory has been immaculate (pun intended) the visuals, marketing partners, press, and most importantly the album. just
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