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  1. If category eligible they should throw her in for an Grammys, Emmy, MTV and world affiliates, MuchMusic, BB, IHeart , Webby and more! Her era visuals are amazing, opulent, and bars above most things out ( most bc I can’t claim to have seen everything). !
  2. Def higher for Come Alive... I enjoy Come Alive more than Batuka Exteme O, KWAP & I Rise but I love the album as a whole and am just ranking for MegaRate and discussion sake.
  3. Now I must subscribe. Take more of my $$$$ M! It’s here for you.
  4. Lol. Well actually Batuka is currently my least fave...love the album but I agree with 15, think Looking for Mercy should be higher!
  5. Bad news. HitsDailydouble Madame had fallen out of top 50. 95% drop in sales But #57 on US ITunes and the 50th album only sold about 10000 copies so we knew sales were dead hopefully she holds better on BB200 Im still super happy, proud and in awe. Madame remains on repeat.
  6. Anticipating results. I wonder how close the following is to us... https://www.gaytimes.co.uk/culture/123810/we-ranked-every-song-on-madonnas-new-album-madame-x/ 15. Batuka 14. Extreme Occident 13. Come Alive 12. Looking for Mercy 11. I Rise 10. Killers WA Partying 9. Future 8. Crazy 7. Bitch I’m Loca 6. Faz Gostozo 5. Dark Ballet 4. Crave 3. Medellin 2. I Don’t Search I Find 1. God Control ???.....
  7. Still waiting on other items but I’ve been notified they have shipped and are scheduled to arrive tomorrow.
  8. FINALLY!....I received my - Redeemed standard copy of Madame (A few diff pics...) - Medellin tee - Pride NYC pic limited edition tees Sheeeesh took long enough.
  9. She stated I rise in Icons bc she wanted it to be Pride anthem so she’ll prob perform that.
  10. Reviews at this point are in the rear view. If someone is listening or avoiding an album released two weeks ago at this point based on review it’s not only absurd but very unlikely, the way music is consumed nowadays.
  11. Some people take all the greatness, energy, and fun of fandom and try to flush it. MadameMasterpiece Please M keep the music, visuals and social commentary coming....
  12. I liked Sorry song, video and pet shop boys remix but the remaining videos were very cost conscious
  13. Visuals way ahead of get together, jump videos by light years.
  14. Letting even the haters know increases views and exposure of song and album so. ..
  15. Madonna re-enters BB Artist 100 at #1 with release of Madame Previously entered at #7 with RebelHeart release in 2015 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.billboard.com/amp/articles/columns/chart-beat/8517690/madonna-billboard-artist-100-number-one
  16. Maybe, but it could also reignite or keep sales/streams steady by keeping her and the album in the news cycle for a few more weeks.
  17. With the release of GOD Control video and Pride performance, the team should discount the album to the min allowed for BB charting as most of the ITunes chart top tier is the currently discounted music. Her $ mostly comes from tour and I’m sure WW sales will cover MadameX production costs.
  18. Standard was initially on ITunes but waiting for the redeemed tix voucher copy in mail.
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