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  1. Keep your beautiful lies cause im not concerned....
  2. So this thread is no longer about potential new music ?
  3. Maybe the build up and media attention of her in general then drop the track on Friday as is the new traditional music release
  4. Auto spins of new track on clear channel stations and push for spins on Litefm and WPLJ for exposure. The latest strat of releasing simultaneous singles to gauge audience could work to edit final product. Not a Madonna strategy I endorse bc I’m a fan regardless but could work for radio/spins/exposure/sales.
  5. They are finally using her in adverts for litefm in NYC and New Jersey area. I was surprised... and the are using the RH pic not an 80s/90s/00s photo. Hopefully this is the beginning of a 2018 multi format campaign to gear up for new music.
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