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  1. https://www.idolator.com/7905002/from-magdalene-to-madame-x-the-20-best-pop-albums-of-2019?view-all&ios=1&safari=1&M2c=1

    Ranked #9 on year end list...higher than Harry Styles(good pop album)Camila(well liked and reviewed) Celine(meh)  and Ariana(hit singles album, well received, sales) 

    9. Madame X — Madonna

    Key tracks: “God Control” and “Crave”

    (Full review here)

    Imagine being 40 years into your career and still pushing the boundaries of pop. Only Madonna can relate. Madame X, the Queen of Pop’s 14th LP, is a concept album about a globe-trotting super-heroine with revolution on the brain. Madonna brings the project to life with vibrant, world music-inspired bops like “Medellin” and “Batuka,” and mind-melting experiments like “I Don’t Search I Find” and “Killers Who Are Partying.” It doesn’t always work, but when it does, this result is electric.

    — Mike Wass

  2. On 7/9/2019 at 6:33 AM, Saint Madge said:

    Hey guys..I'm new to this site..I've been a casual fan of Madonna since COADF days..MDNA & Hard Candy were not my cup of tea..But she slowly acquired my faith in her back with Rebel heart & now, with Madame X, she made me a Hardcore stan..This album has somuch depth & it reminded me of one of my other favorite album "Stripped"..Both are so uplifting & timeless.. God Control is my favorite song so far from this album..the choir followed by the disco beat is everything..I also love Future & Crave so much..

    Welcome. Good site to get info and stan...some quarrels but generally respectful and loyal Madonna fans. The fake fans are often sent packing but hope you enjoy..MadameX is a masterpiece. I make anyone who gets in my car enjoy!  😉 the album is absolutely Worldly and other worldly. The Amazon Prime Making of Madame X is a must watch. 


  3. The bracelets haven’t arrived at the US distribution center and will ship separately. 😑 additionally the photo crotch shot tee is still unavailable 😑😑.  You should call and ask for shipping refunds for the delay, inconvenience and poor customer service like not letting you know the bundle was incomplete. 

  4. The deluxe and the standard work.  On standard I don’t miss EO, I do miss LFM, currently fave song, but I’m happy it’s at 3. Actually quite surprised LFM ranked so high even though I gave it a 10, but I almost feel it is reminiscent of her ballads from 80s 90s. No bad songs on deluxe or standard and the bonus tracks are satisfying enough... just a diff of opinions.


    Thanks and great job on the MegaRate @Curtains

  5. So as anticipated sales fell off by 95%...on BB the album dropped from #1 to #77.  

    The NY post wrote an article titled 

    Madonna album sales tail off after concert promo

    Surprisingly it states the Material girls drop no longer a “crazy anomaly” referencing the ticket bundle strategy and JoBros 96% drop and many artist doing it to be #1.  Click bait but pretty balanced article. 

    Link below 


  6. So caught the Madame❌ Making on Prime. Too short but great.  

    Stayed on Prime and caught Madonna & the Breakfast club...the unauthorized and shunned flick w the look a like. 

    The re-enactment parts were unnecessary but the interviews with Dan Gilroy and others were great. It needed to be a movie or a doc but the attempt to fuse the two fails. 

    The film uses audio of her first demos with the band and embarking on solo career. Prob not the right forum but if On Amazon Prime maybe check it out. 

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